PUBG Mobile: Here's how you can earn free UC

Earn UC; the legit way
Earn UC; the legit way
Prashant Soni
Modified 03 Jun 2020

PUBG Mobile has been able to attract a lot of mobile gamers who are now spending hours, playing the game. Every player wants to have cooler skins for their character and their guns. However, these skins come with a cost. The skins can be bought for in-game UC, that can be bought for real money. However, not everyone wants to spend money in purchasing these skins and seek alternative ways to get these skins. Not everyone knows that they can still earn UC through an event based trick, that works only in India.

India Bonus Challenge is one such way, through which players can earn in-game UC. Let's discuss how you can earn UC by participating in this challenge.

On the top left side of your PUBG Mobile screen, you can see the Trophy icon. Tap on it and click on the India Bonus Challenge option. Here, you will find various different types of options to participate.

PUBG Mobile: India Bonus Challenge

India Bonus Challenge
India Bonus Challenge

On the bottom left you can see the current points and on the top right there are some tickets besides UC.

If there are no tickets, you can get the tickets from your weekly report. You need to go in events, then recommended section and then scroll down to the weekly report. Note that every hundred points are equivalent to 1 ticket and every ticket is equivalent to 10 PUBG Mobile UC. I'll explain this point more in the redeem section.

Redeeming PUBG Mobile UC

Purchasing the Bonus Challenge Voucher
Purchasing the Bonus Challenge Voucher

There are many options for matchmaking, but I recommend you to always opt for solo matches in Erangel. You should play these matches with one ticket as entry fee because there is a lesser chance of coming across hackers and pro players in this setting. However, the other options give more rewards and thus hackers generally prefer to play in these settings.

Selecting the matchmaking Settings
Selecting the matchmaking Settings

Now the main trick is that you will have to call your friend on WhatsApp and ask him to set matchmaking at the same time so that you both enter in the same lobby. Once you enter in the same match you can sync your strategies, plans and can co-ordinate among yourselves on WhatsApp voice call without being noticed.

Sometimes, you may see weird numbers in the lobby section but it won't matter as it even shows 79 seated out of 60 in the plane, which is not an issue.

Note that I do not endorse any kind of fake cheap tricks in PUBG Mobile but I would like to share them because many people already use them and you should be aware of that. In yesterday's match I got matched with nearly four teams who were teamed up in a single match. Luckily, I made it to top 10 but the chicken dinner went to a team of 5 players. I learnt that entering the lobby at same time can get you the chicken dinner.

Here are the Rules
Here are the Rules

There are some additional tips, too. As you can see, you have to get at least in top 30 in order to get your 100 points back. You can later on buy one ticket from those points and the same goes for higher level ticket options. Although, if you play a match of 2 tickets make sure you get atleast 200 points from that match.

If you run out of tickets, you can exchange the points you earned in matches for USCS. Later on, you can use 10 UC out of these to enter in matches. With this method you can earn hundreds of PUBG Mobile UCs everyday and can purchase the Royal pass in less than 2 weeks.

Watch the video below to get step-by-step instructions on how you can earn PUBG Mobile UC for free

Published 01 Jun 2020
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