PUBG Mobile guide for Chicken Dinner (November 2023)

Tactics to get a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to get a Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

Good shooting skills, quick thinking, and more are necessary to master PUBG Mobile and get the coveted Chicken Dinner. Though this title keeps changing, the fundamental strategies you have to use to win have remained the same since its release. This article offers a few tactics to help you win the Chicken Dinner in your games.

The tips provided in the section below will give you an advantage over your rivals.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Tips to get a Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile (November 2023)

1) Tactical landing and loot management


Achieving a Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile necessitates the use of a well-thought-out strategy from the time you land on the island. To prevent early clashes, go for a less populous region. Choose areas with good loot but few opponents.

Prioritize essentials like guns, ammunition, and armor once you're on the ground before engaging in combat. Resource management is critical, so just take what you need and prioritize high-tier loot spots when possible. Doing so will guarantee that you are well-prepared for the last few circles.

2) Smart positioning and map awareness


Survival in PUBG Mobile is mainly reliant on your ability to tactically position yourself and your alertness to the continually shrinking play zone. Move towards the safe zone's center as the game proceeds to maximize your chances of getting into the next safe circle.

Avoid unnecessary confrontations, keep moving, and try to catch your opponents off guard. Make use of natural cover such as trees, rocks, and buildings to make it more difficult for foes to notice and attack you. Keep an eye on the map, organize your movement around the next safe zone accordingly, and stay alert.

3) Adaptive combat strategies and team coordination


The last moments of a PUBG Mobile game are frequently filled with action. In them, be aware of your surroundings, transition between weapons smoothly, and employ a mix of aggressive and defensive strategies depending on the situation.

Coordination with your squad is essential in this stage, as is communicating opponent locations and planning your actions accordingly. Pick your battles wisely, and don't be afraid to flee if the odds are stacked against you.

Focus on remaining alive rather than pursuing kills in the endgame. A well-coordinated team with a diversified set of skills and loadouts can be a powerful force.

Keep your cool under pressure, make strategic decisions, and keep aware of the match's ever-changing dynamics in this battle royale game to get the Chicken Dinner.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned by the Indian government. Those from the region are advised to try out Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which is the Indian variant of the mobile title.