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PUBG mobile: How to improve aim and reflexes in the game

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Anurag Pandey
Modified 12 Jun 2020
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PUBG mobile is one of the most competitive mobile games available right now. Recently, it was crowned the highest-earning game in the world, raking in a reported USD 226 million in May 2020.

And if you're one of those newbies trying out the game for the first time, here's an important tip: To get better at this game, you need some easy and basic strategies, which are often ignored by players.

Here are some strategies to improve your aim and reflexes in PUBG mobile:

#1 Aim for the head:

This is maybe the best strategy available in PUBG mobile, as it does maximum damage to the opponent. Firing the first bullet at the head of your enemy gives you a 40 percent chance of winning a 1v1 situation. This also habituates you to always aim for the head, while also simultaneously improving your aim generally.

#2 Practice at Cheer Park:

Practicing in the PUBG mobile Cheer Park and trying to score above 75 points helps improve your play significantly. This drill improves your aim and reflexes at the same time, and also gives you a hint as to which gun you like the most, and which attachments best suit you.

Cheer Park in PUBG mobile.
Cheer Park in PUBG mobile.

#3 Master sound sense:

Sound is the most important part of your game, as it can win you games. The better sound sense you have, the easier it will be to identify where the enemy is. Different floors have different sounds, and a person walking outside the house will have a different sound from one waking inside. Identifying each sound will help locate your enemy better.


#4 Patience: Letting the opponent make the first mistake:

Patience is the key to this game. Using the Third Person Perspective (TPP) to your advantage is the most important technique. Waiting for the opponent move into the open or make a silly move can be an advantage. Letting him reveal his location so you can throw a cooked grenade or rush at him by using appropriate cover can win you fights.

The various throwables in PUBG mobile.
The various throwables in PUBG mobile.

#5 Using utilities to your advantage:

PUBG mobile has a lot of throwables like grenade, smoke grenade, molotov cocktail and the stun grenade. These can be used to your advantage:

  1. Use the grenade while rushing your enemy in a building, as it can get you some knocks or damage on enemies.
  2. Using smoke grenades to make a cover for yourself might help when you are looking around in the open. This will help you move in the zone without being noticed by the enemy or revive your teammate.
  3. The use of a molotov cocktail will set a small area on fire, which can damage enemies. Using molotov cocktails at the entrance of a house will not allow enemies to rush you, and also gives you time to heal.
  4. Stun grenades can be used to blind enemies for some time. They can be used to rush a building, as your enemies won't be able to see you and that gives you the upper hand.

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Using these five tricks will surely improve your PUBG mobile game, reflexes and aim. Now go forth and win yourself a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Published 12 Jun 2020, 15:14 IST
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