PMWL 2020: Qualified PMPL 2020 teams from South Asia region

PUBG Mobile Professional League
PUBG Mobile Professional League
Anurag Pandey

The last day of PMPL South Asia 2020 produced gripping games that had nail-biting finishes. Twenty teams from the South Asia region battled in this tournament for a place at PMWL 2020. Moreover, a prize pool of $200,000 was also up for grabs for the participating teams.

The top two teams have earned direct tickets to PMWL 2020, and would also advance to the next stage of the PMPL 2020 tournament.

There are two ways teams qualify for PMWL 2020:

  1. The top two teams of PMPL South Asia 2020 get a direct entry for PUBG Mobile World League 2020 (PMWL 2020).
  2. Two teams from PUBG Mobile Pro League SA Finals would confirm their berths for World League 2020. If one or more already qualified teams get the top two spots, teams placed after them would be considered for the upcoming PMWL 2020 and get a chance to play PMWL 2020.

Top three teams that qualified for PMWL 2020:

The two teams that have directly advanced to PMWL 2020 are as follows:

1.Team Orange Rock

Team Orange Rock Esports is one of the best teams in PUBG Mobile. Team Orange Rock topped the table in PMPL 2020 with a total of 657 points that included ten chicken dinners in 48 games.

Their total points included 416 placement points and 241 total kill points. Team Orange Rock Esports is one of the teams that gets a direct advancement to PMPL 2020.

2.Team TSM-Entity

Team TSM-Entity was one of the two top-ranked teams in PMPL 2020.

This team performed well with a new lineup. TSM-Entity stood second in the overall rankings in PMPL 2020, with total points of 631. These points included 355 placement points and 276 kill points. TSM-Entity is the other team that directly advances to PMPL 2020.


The other teams that enter the PMPL finals are:

  1. Team Orange Rock:- Total points 657.
  2. Team TSM-Entity:- Total points 631.
  3. Team GODLIKE:- Total points 595.
  4. Team SynerGE:- Total points 586.
  5. Team MegaStars:- Total points 493.
  6. Team Fnatic:- Total points 447.
  7. Team Marcos Gaming:- Total points 440.
  8. Team Soul:- Total points 434.
  9. Team vsgCRAWLERS:- Total points 424.
  10. Team PowerHouse:- Total points 422.
  11. Team U Mumba Esports:- Total points 406.
  12. Team IND:- Total points 406.
  13. Team Celts:- Total points 359.
  14. Team Elementrix:- Total points 348.
  15. Team Tamilas:- Total points 330.
  16. Team Xtreme:- Total points 317.

The PMPL 2020 points table is as follows:

Overall Standings.
Overall Standings.
Overall standings
Overall standings

These teams will fight for the top two spots. The top two teams from these games would advance to PMWL 2020 where they would be accompanied by Team Orange Rock and Team TSM-Entity that have already advanced to PMWL 2020.

If any of the two teams i.e. Team Orange rock or Team TSM-Entity top the table once again, the teams placed after them would get a chance to qualify for PMWL 2020.

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts can catch the live action of PMWL 2020 on the PUBG Mobile official Youtube channel.

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