PUBG Mobile hacks: New anti-cheat system bans 1,691,949 accounts this week

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile by Tencent recently achieved a rare milestone of one billion downloads and $5 billion in player spending. The reason behind its unprecedented success is its unique real-life gameplay, intense graphics, and connectivity with friends.

The game is also quite popular among content creators and also has a well set up Esports ecosystem.

With so many players logging in daily, it becomes an uphill task to keep tabs on everyone manually. That's why anti-cheat comes pre-installed in the game, which not only detects any irregularities but also bans players if necessary.

Hackers occasionally develop new plug-ins and vulnerabilities to beat the system, but the developers regularly tweak the anti-cheat system to cover all new antics.

In mid-2020, PUBG Mobile developers also started to share a Ban-Pan report on their social media, in which they inform players about the actions they have taken against cheaters.

PUBG Mobile has now released their 28th report for accounts banned in the previous week, i.e., March 26th to April 1st.

This week's report revealed that over 1,691,949 accounts were banned from PUBG Mobile for cheating, with each receiving a permanent suspension.

Last week they suspended 1,813,787 accounts, while in just March alone PUBG Mobile suspended more than 7.5 million accounts.

Break-up of the banned PUBG Mobile accounts

Conqueror tier accounts- 1%

Ace tier accounts- 8%

Crown tier accounts- 12%

Diamond tier accounts-13%

Platinum tier accounts-11%

Gold tier accounts-9%

Silver-tier accounts-11%

Bronze tier accounts-35%

Type of cheats used

34% of the accounts banned were due to Auto-Aim's use, which automatically takes crosshairs to the enemy.

34% were banned due to X-ray Vision which lets cheaters see through walls/solid objects easily.

12% were suspended due to Speed hacks which help in moving faster than any normal player.

6% were banned due to the Modification of Area Damage, while 4% were banned due to the Modification of Character Model. The remaining 10 percent were suspended due to the use of other unspecified reasons.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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