PUBG MOBILE: How to become a pro player in one year?

Prashant Soni
Modified 25 May 2020

Being a Pro PUBG Mobile player is not easy but this guide can help you to become a top PUBGM Pro player in just a year.

There are five broad tips you need to know in this respect. Each of these five tips are important and would help you get success in PUBG Mobile competitions like the PMIS or even PMCO.

So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the five tips that could help you become a PUBG Mobile professional player.

Five tips to become a PUBG Mobile Pro Player:

#1: Understanding of the game

The first and foremost step towards becoming a PUBG Mobile professional player is to have an understanding of the entire game. You should thoroughly know the ins and outs of PUBG Mobile.

It is always expected from a Pro PUBG player that he/she has ample experience of using all the weapons and modes in the game, has reliable combat skills, has played on all terrains and has a suitable aptitude for his/her role in a team. So, start your understanding of the game by mastering the basics of PUBG Mobile.

#2: Contacts

Supercars Celebrity Eseries
Supercars Celebrity Eseries

Once you have played the PUBG Mobile game enough, start making contacts in the field. Play with friends or friends of friends, do random matches, go to PUBG events, participate in streamers tourneys, rooms, etc. The purpose of doing so is to find players-

-who can develop a deeper understanding of the game with you

-who can complement your game-style

-who can support you in tourneys.

-who can help you find sponsors who recognises your talent and is willing to invest its money in you.

#3: Synergy

PUBG Mobile Teams
PUBG Mobile Teams

Once your PUB Mobile team is formed, practice with the team only! After that don't play with random squads.

Develop a sense of responsibility in the field on every terrain and prepare for every situation. If things don't go well, pick a substitute, replace players but make sure that the team gets positive results. Choose a time-frame for all of you to sit together, make strategies and also decode the plans of other teams as well!

#4: Awareness

Most people don't even know how to register for the simple competitions like the PMIS, let alone the PMCO! You should know the dates of various PUBG tournaments that are organised, the timings of the streamers hosting custom rooms, etc.

Also, keep the details of your team handy as registration for any major PUBG tournaments require the same

#5: Practice

The importance of practices cannot be stressed enough. Practice your plans, rushes and most importantly do Assaulting Drills everyday. There are ample videos on drills. Check them out!

Strive for excellence in the PUBG Mobile game. One day you would surely win that golden trophy.

Published 25 May 2020
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