What is hot drop in PUBG Mobile?

Hot Drops in PUBG Mobile
Hot Drops in PUBG Mobile

A Hot Drop is a commonly used term in the Battle Royale genre, made popular by streamers. It is essentially dropping into an area that is known to have lots of loot and a large number of other players drop in as well. PUBG Mobile has lot of hot drop locations on all their maps,

Why go for a Hot Drop in PUBG Mobile?

A Hot Drop is essentially the quickest way to get more kills and better loot early on in the game. As a Hot Drop essentially sees a large number of players dropping in with no loot. It becomes that much more important to grab a weapon and eliminate targets as it will be filled with other players looking for weapons too.

It becomes a great way to rack up your kill count early on in the game and fill your inventory up with great loot that will help you later in the game. It is important to know which areas are regarded as Hot Drops.

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Hot Drop Heat Map
Hot Drop Heat Map

How to Survive a Hot Drop in PUBG Mobile?

Surviving a Hot Drop may seem pretty straightforward at first: drop in quickly, look for a weapon, eliminate close targets. But it requires much more tactics than that.

Weapons and Tactics during a Hot Drop in PUBG Mobile:

  1. You can try using melee or a crowbar (if you find one instantly), they're a great way to survive instantly if you do not find a weapon immediately. Melee Combat is a pretty solid way to knock down other players.
  2. Go for SMGs instead of Assault Rifles as SMGs offer faster reload times, and hence, when you're in close range with an opponent, you will need faster weapons such as SMGs.
  3. Shotguns are amazing in Hot Drops as all players are in close vicinity, firing off just a couple shots will be enough to knock players down.
  4. Look for higher ground: Meaning that you should always try and position yourself above your target, preferably behind cover as it will be much easier for you to hit them, and they can't hit you.

So, the next time you decide to Hot Drop in PUBG Mobile, be sure to keep this tactics in mind.

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