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How to maintain 5+ K/D in PUBG Mobile Season 13

  • A quick set of tips to maintain a 5+ K/D in Season 13 of PUBG Mobile.
  • In this season these points will help you to boost your k/d in PUBG Mobile
Rohit Singh
Modified 12 May 2020, 20:36 IST

Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13
Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13

With the start of the new season in PUBG Mobile, every player is going to try to maintain his/her good statistics in the game.

The main focus, though, is always on maintaining a good k/d during the entire season. A decent k/d of 5+ can help you get entry to some good clans or teams.

With the help of a good k/d, you can earn the reputation of a pro player among your friends. In this article, you will come across some useful points that will help you to maintain a 5+ k/d in Season 13 of PUBG Mobile.

Note: There is speculation that Season 13 will bring about changes in k/d maintenance strategies. However, nothing has been confirmed on that front yet, so we are ignoring it for now.

What is k/d In PUBG Mobile:

In PUBG Mobile, k/d stands for kill per death ratio. It means how many kills you do before dying.

To increase your k/d, focus on killing more and more players in each match you play, and try to get the chicken dinner in most of your PUBG games. 

How To Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13

#1 Focusing On Chicken Dinner:

Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13
Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13

While pushing for a k/d, a player should always focus on getting chicken dinners in most of his/her matches.

A chicken dinner helps you to increase your k/d to a great extent. So try to win most of your matches to maintain a 5+ K/D In Season 13.


#2 Avoid Hot drops:

Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13
Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13

Another point while pushing for a good k/d is to avoid hot drops in most of the matches. In these places, getting a gun-fight is a very high probability.

Not getting enough guns and armour increases your chances of getting killed which would directly affect your k/d.

#3 Avoid Playing Randoms:

Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13
Maintain 5+ K/D In Season 13

Many players play matches with random squads rather than with their regular friends or squad.

Doing so can increase your k/d as you can't rely on random teammates for proper support during a game. And, if you die without getting good kills, then your k/d won't get to the desired numbers.

#4 Playing With Stable Data Connection:

The last point in maintaining 5+ k/d in Season 13 is to have a stable data connection. It helps you to achieve better ping in the game and reduce the amount of lag. This will improve your game to a great extent and help you to maintain a good 5+ k/d in this season.

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Published 12 May 2020, 02:48 IST
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