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PUBG Mobile: How to push Conqueror in solo mode in Season 13

Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13
Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13
Rohit Singh
Modified 18 May 2020

PUBG Mobile has various tiers in it, and the highest tier is the Conqueror. Many players want to achieve this tier and get the Conqueror title, but they don't have a proper squad or a good duo partner. So, in this article, I have shared the 5 best tips to Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13.

Pushing Conqueror In Solo In Season 13 of PUBG Mobile

#1 Strategic Play:

In solo rank push, a player should always play according to a specific strategy. In solo, a player gets only one chance to kill the enemy player. So, in solo rank push for Conqueror in PUBG Mobile, playing strategically must be the main focus of every player. For instance: In solo, there is always a chance of a player holding the compound before you. So, always use utilities like grenades and Molotov cocktails to clear out any enemy player.

#2 Gun Combination:

In solo rank push, when a close encounter takes place, there are chances of you getting reload on a gun while shooting. So, to avoid this, try to get two weapons which can fire in automatic mode.

Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13
Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13

Or else you can have an assault rifle and DMR like Mini14 to kill enemy players with single taps. But mostly try to get both Assault Rifles or an SMG and an Assault Rifle like M416 in your armory.

#3 Getting Top 10:

In solo rank push, the player gets less ranking points as compared to the squad. So, always try to get to top 10 positions in every game. It will help you to get more survival ratings, and after that, you can focus on getting more kills to get more plus points to push Conqueror status in PUBG Mobile.


#4 Good Device And Data Connection:

In solo rank push in PUBG Mobile, having a good device and a stable data connection is very necessary. If your device starts to lag whenever an enemy comes near, you might have higher chances of getting killed and end up losing your ranking points in the game. Also, having a good data connection is very helpful. With less ping, your smartphone will perform better in various situations.

#5 Getting A Vehicle:

In the solo rank push for Conqueror in Season 13 of PUBG Mobile, a player must have a vehicle to himself. A vehicle will help you reach your desired loot location more easily and quickly. Also, you can use the vehicle to make a good hardcover for yourself in the final circles of the game.

Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13
Push Conqueror In Solo In Season 13

So these are some tips you can you can follow to push Conqueror in Solo in PUBG Mobile Season 13.

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Published 17 May 2020, 14:46 IST
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