PUBG Mobile: How to reach 'Ace' in any season

PUBG Mobile. Source: Reddit
PUBG Mobile. Source: Reddit

'Rank Push to Ace' is one of the latest trends among PUBG Mobile players. The Season 12 of PUBG Mobile is the latest ongoing season of the game. In every season, we find gamers striving to get their tags. Some push their rank to 'Ace', while some aim for 'Conqueror.'

Steps to reach 'Ace' in any season

Rank Push to Ace
Rank Push to Ace

The road to reach 'Conqueror' or 'Ace' is not as easy as it sounds. However, it is also not a very difficult task. In season 12 of PUBG Mobile, more than 60% of the players reached 'Ace' successfully. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, there has been an increase in the number of gamers trying to achieve the 'Conqueror' or 'Ace' tag.

Considering all the aspects of the game, here are five simple suggestions to be considered to reach 'Ace' in any season:

~80% Survival, 20% Kill Rating: In the game, before rushing into a building, keep it in mind that rank push always requires a safe game-play. The more you play in a sheltered manner, the better would be your rating.

~Play with your strengths: It is better if one delegates duties rather than focusing only on the enemies. Keep the best combination of guns, and keep them loaded whenever required.

~Keep the vehicle throughout the game: Having a vehicle in the game is always advantageous. A vehicle in the squad is a removable cover. It also helps to block bridges. Many players don't commit the mistake of not carrying at least two vehicles in the game.

~Don't jump in hot drop places like Georgopool, Pochinki, Military Base, BootCamp, Paradise, Novo, Mylta: As said earlier, play safe. There is no need to jump into areas like Georgopool, Pochinki, Novo, etc. These places are always the hot drops of the Erangel and Sanhok maps.

~Carry Grenades and Smokes in the last zones: Carrying smokes and grenades helps one to move more strategically in the final zones. Also, if you have these critical elements in the final moments, you will be on the safer side to get the Chicken Dinner.

An appropriate way of using smokes in PUBG.
An appropriate way of using smokes in PUBG.

Smoke helps in retrieving teammates in close combats, while grenades help in killing enemies that are hiding in the corners of buildings.

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