PUBG Mobile: How to Spot a Noob and Pro Gamer?

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Modified 10 Jun 2019, 16:55 IST


PUBG Mobile gained a massive player pool soon it was released and needless to say players from 8 to 80 everyone joined the game almost instantly. Why not? This was the first multiplayer competitive shooter game released on mobile devices.

With a large player pool comes a large number of pro and noob players. While some of the players came from other shooting game, some just started their shooting game journey with PUBG. It is very hard to figure things out on your own in any game and it gets harder if you have not played any similar games before. So I will mention a few things that new players are doing wrong and let you know what's the proper way.

  1. Jumping and landing - Most players jump off the airplane and head towards the destination. First of all mark your destination on the map and most important part, never go head straight. Jump off the plane and then look down, Don't look towards your target rather try to keep the destination on your right hand or left-hand side and fly sideways. This will give you the maximum speed. You can land faster than others and then kill them easily.
  2. Taking unnecessary damage - Don't hurt yourself jumping off the building. If you are jumping from a high building try to stay close to the wall and move your face towards the wall, it will help you land on the edges of windows and then you can jump down. Even if you fall straight to the ground while jumping using this technique, you won't take any damage. Avoid jumping off the cars and hurting yourself.
  3. Grenade timing - Never throw grenades instantly, hold them for a bit before tossing them. Throwing them early means giving the grenade time to explode, your enemies will move using that time. Hold the grenade and time it in a way where the grenade will blast soon after reaching the target. This way you enemies cannot get away.
  4. Use resources - Resources like a stun grenade, smoke are very essential. Most new players avoid them but pros don't. Always use smoke while looting a drop or reviving a teammate. Stun grenades are really good for planned attacks or rushing in. Molotov can be used if your enemies are camping. You can use grenade and Molotov to force them out of their cover.
  5. Proper Looting - I have seen most new players doing this, and this is wrong - Over looting. You need to loot properly, you should not be lacking in items but you should not be wasting your whole time on looting. A lot of players carry over 300 bullets for each gun which is a waste. You can barely spend 150 rounds on each. Loot as much as you need but don't need to loot too much. Focus on other things like dealing damage to enemies and earning kills.

Bonus tip: Don't save up your items for later because you will never know If you will see them tomorrow (Kaal ho na ho). A lot of players like to save their medkit, adrenaline syringe, and stuff. Don't do it. Use them up and find more. Always keep using your energy drinks and pills too. Keep taking them and keep picking more up.

Tencent Games has introduced PUBG Lite, a toned down version of PUBG and players can now experience the battle royale game on low end PCS and mobile devices.

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Published 10 Jun 2019, 16:55 IST
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