PUBG Mobile: How to survive Zombie mode

Zombie mode is a super thrilling part of the game which everyone should try (Image Courtesy: PUBG Corp)
Zombie mode is a super thrilling part of the game which everyone should try (Image Courtesy: PUBG Corp)
Kuldeep Thapa

Zombie mode has been teased for more than a month now and now it's finally available to play.

The mode is extremely fun to play and really brings out the joy of creating chaos. However, the mode is no way simple to play and requires a lot of strategic planning and handling in order to do good.

Here are some tips to help you on the battlefield-

* You can get resources from killing the zombies. It's essential to compile the necessary resources beforehand One thing that will help you massively is collecting all the necessary resources in a specific place. This includes ammo, medkits, and boosters. This will help you massively when you are in a massive battle. You can constantly pick up ammo without getting confused.

*Weapons like M24 and Kark 98 aren't that useful in the game mode. They might be tempting but they dont provide much. The zombies spawn very quickly so bolt action weapons won't get you far in the game mode.

*Lay out the strategy beforehand. During the night the scene becomes really chaotic its really important to have a set plan. This will help your squad massively and will let you tackle situations smoothly.

* There is no airdrop in the game mode but you can get a Flamethrower or M134 by killing the Tyrant or as a rare find in the ground. You can spot the Tyrant on the map. These guns are super powerful and can help you get out of sticky situations. Keep in mind you need gas ammo for the Flamethrower which you can get via normal loot.

*Communication is the most important thing. So make sure to coordinate without your squad members properly.

Zombie mode is a super thrilling mode and everyone should try it while it lasts.

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