PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Tips to win PUBG Zombie Event Mode With Ease

Hrithik Raj

PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile finally received its most awaited cross-over few days ago. PUBG X RE 2 Remake crossover is now live and can be updated via any online app store. The new PUBG mobile update brought some minor and major changes to the game. New loading screens, Moonlight effect in vikendi and event mode were one of them. The new event mode introduces a new time exclusive PUBG mobile game mode also called,"PUBG Zombie Mode". PUBG's new zombie mode is more challenging than any other game mode so far.

In PUBG mobile Zombie mode you have a continuous threat of both players and zombies lurking around to kill you. The special BOW's which in terms of Resident Evil, Bio-Organic Weapons spawn in PUBG zombie mode though only in the night. But don't take it lightly as the so-called day and night cycle is faster than you think. If you take it easy you won't survive to see the day. Today we discuss a few of the essential tips that you need to win the new PUBG Mobile Zombie mode.

Never Stop When Its Night Time

You should always manoeuvre, during the night time(which is more like fog time). If you stop at a place you will be surrounded by the zombies in no time. The Zombies spawn literally anywhere, the problem arises when the BOW's start spawning. If you are surrounded by them and get cornered, well that's it for you. So, be sure to move around the map or at least perform any manoeuvre, just to be on the safe side.

Make Sure To Loot In The First Phase

The day and night cycle in PUBG's latest Zombie mode occurs frequently. Make sure to grab the loot before the first or second phase of the day and night cycle, ss the game becomes more aggressive and hard by the passing phases. The zombies and bosses will make it hard for you to even engage with other teams.

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Kill Zombies to get loot

Killing zombies will grant you loot, so make sure you kill them whenever you are running out of loot. The zombies in PUBG mobile zombie mode provide a diverse variety of loot whether it is ammo or other supplies like boosters and medic kits.

Become one with the Horde

PUBG Mobile's zombies can be used in your favor as in my gameplay I noticed the zombies are not that smart and can be taken advantage of. In situations with enemies fighting the zombies inside buildings and structures or even in fields, the zombies can be used cleverly to surprise your enemy.

When the other team is fighting zombies inside a structure, unequip your gun and try to lose the zombies and get inside the building. If you are behind a wall or any object and other players are firing, then the zombies attack them instead of attacking you. Ready your gun, get inside the horde and kill the players as they won't get the chance to kill you. I have used this method many times, although it is quite hard as we get into the late game.

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