PUBG Mobile's return to India could be announced as early as Diwali

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile
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As everyone is likely aware at this point, one of the biggest esports titles in India - PUBG Mobile, got banned by India's Ministry of Electronics and Information on 2nd September, along with 117 other mobile applications, leaving the entire Indian gaming community in shock.

Now, in a revelation that could bring joy back to the hearts of hordes of Indian fans, Sportskeeda understands that PUBG Mobile could be on it's way back to the country very soon. While there hasn't been any official word on the matter so far, the developers have been tipped to relaunch the game in India around Diwali, with official word expected to arrive in the coming weeks as well.

Earlier today, many PUBG Mobile professionals also went on to hint at it's possible return to the nation, with the information that an official announcement is expected to be made close to the festival of lights, being backed up as well.

The Indian gaming community could soon have PUBG Mobile back

Here are the various sources who have, either directly or indirectly, backed up the information that Sportskeeda received:

Ghatak (PUBG Mobile Pro for TSM Entity)

Kronten (Owner of Team Godlike and PUBG Mobile pro)


In the above video, the pro said:

"Everyone might have already heard about the possible unban of the game by November 15th, from various sources. Earlier, I thought it would be back in late November or December, but most probably it will be done by Diwali."
"I am quite sure that our in-game accounts will be given back to us as they were, as doing that shouldn't be too hard. Also, PUBG Corporation had taken all the data from Tencent, which means we will all be able play with our old accounts. So don't worry."
"We need to uplift the gaming community that we built together, and develop esports as a whole. I will keep you guys posted about all the updates regarding the potential unban."

But at the end, in the comments section of the video, the pro also mentioned that the date could change, thereby clarifying that his November 15th call was only a mere possibility.

Image Credits - Kronten's Youtube Channel
Image Credits - Kronten's Youtube Channel

Several other anonymous sources also claimed that the game could get unbanned around Diwali. A formal announcement by PUBG Mobile has been tipped to come out soon too.

Several other renowned PUBG Mobile personalities also showed their excitement on Twitter.

Ocean Sharma (Pro PUBG Mobile caster)

Maxtern (PUBGM Content Creator)

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