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PUBG Mobile India Series 2019: Participation Criteria & Format Explained


PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the most happening mobile game now
PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the most happening mobile game now

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the most happening mobile game now. I don't remember seeing any other mobile game making this big of an impact in the E-sports.

Honestly, I don't remember considering any other mobile game as a part of E-sports but it is what it is.

With its large player base going larger PUBG mobile tournaments are happening everywhere and this time PUBG Mobile itself organizing the PUBG Mobile India series.

This is an official tournament from PUBG Mobile and here is everything you need to know about the tournament.

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 Participation Criteria:

The participation Criteria is pretty simple.

  1. You have to be Indian Citizen and resident to take part in the tournament.
  2. You have to have a level 20 or above account in PUBG Mobile to participate.

How to Register?

The registration process for the tournament is very simple. All you need do is go the official tournament website and follow the steps below. Here are the steps and link to their official website.

  1. Go to the official tournament site.
  2. Click on the Register Now button.
  3. Fill up the registration form.
  4. Once the registration form fill-up is done, verify your email address and activate your account.
  5. After the successful registration, you have to join or create a squad of minimum 4 players.

How to join a Squad: Enter the Squad ID of the squad you want to join and tap the "Join Squad" button. After that, your request to join the squad will be sent to the captain and you will be a part of the squad as soon as the captain accepts your request.

How to Create a Squad: Tap on the "Create Squad" button to create a squad. Once the squad is created you can now invite players by sending them a joining link.

Once you have 4 members in your squad you are good to go.

Tournament Format

Here is how the tournament works once you have your squad registered.

Ingame Qualifiers -

  1. Once your squad is ready you will have to play 15 Classic Mode matches in Erangel with your registered squad. Out of the first 15 matches, 10 best matches will be counted. The result is based on kills and finishing position, however, in case of ties other parameters such as survival time, accuracy will be considered as tie-breakers.
  2. The ingame qualifiers are only for 7 days. The qualifier opens on January 21st and will be closed on January 27th. You have to play the 15 matches before 27th January.

Online Playoffs

Online playoffs will be played from 10th Feb to 24 Feb in 3 different rounds.

  1. Round one - Top 2000 squads will be divided into 100 groups with each group having 20 squads. These groups will play in Best-of-1 position based knockout match. Top 4 squads from each group will proceed to Round 2.
  2. Round two - These top 400 groups will be divided into 20 groups again with each group having 20 squads. Like round one these groups will play again in Best-of-1 format with position based knockout. Top 4 squads from each group will move to round 3.
  3. Round three - The Top 80 squads from last round will be divided into 4 groups with 20 squads again in each group. These 80 squads will play in a best-of-3 point based knockout format. Top 5 squads from each group will proceed to the Grand Finale.

Grand Finale

Top 20 teams will play in the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale is scheduled for March. However, there are no details out about the Grand Finale at this moment. We will update as soon the organizer announces the details of Grand Finale.

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