PUBG News: PUBG Mobile Lite released

Courtesy: Tencent Gaming
Courtesy: Tencent Gaming
Kuldeep Thapa

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds has been turning head since its release back in 2016 for PC. The game became super popular and became one of the best Battle Royale games. Other Franchises quickly followed the trend and released their own Battle Royale version some failing with some achieving mass popularity.

The mobile industry is the latest to cash on Battle Royale genre. PUBG released their mobile version earlier this year. The game became an instant hit and gained a mass player base. One reason for its popularity rise is due to the game being free(Microtransactions available) while its PC version needs an initial purchase. Back in May, it was revealed that 10 million people play PUBG mobile on a daily basis which is a huge number for Mobile Gaming and it seems like it will only go upwards as Tencent has announced PUBG Lite.

The basic PUBG mobile requirements were Android 5.11 and IOS 9.0 with 2 GB of ram. (minimum) It's not too much of requirement as Smartphones today are easily capable of handling the game, however, the Chinese company which owns PUBG which is Tencent gaming has come up with a new version of PUBG Mobile. The version will be called PUBG Mobile Lite and the version will be aimed for People with low budget mobile. The game size is 30 MB compared to its original version which is 1.6 GB. The game is built on unreal engine 4 and requires lower RAM. The game will run on any version above 4.0.3.The game will have 40 members fighting to get chicken dinner instead of traditional 100 members.

Currently, the game has released only for Philippines. It is available for download via PlayStore. If users cant download it from Playstore they can go the official website of Tencent gaming and download the game from there. The game is expected to launch in other countries including India after some field testing.

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