PUBG Mobile Lite unlimited BC generator: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile Lite unlimited BC generator
PUBG Mobile Lite unlimited BC generator

PUBG Mobile Lite offers players many skins, costumes, and emotes, and some users aspire to get these items at any cost. A few of the best and exclusive skins can be obtained from the in-game shop, via crates or the Winner Pass. All of which require players to spend BC (Battle Coins), which is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile Lite.

However, spending actual money on BC is not an option for all players; but it is also difficult to resist the temptations of exclusive items in PUBG Mobile Lite. So players look for different methods to get BC for free. Many sometimes come across a tool called unlimited BC generator, about which they may be unaware.

In this article, we will discuss tools like the unlimited BC generator in PUBG Mobile Lite, and the truth behind them.

What is unlimited BC generator in PUBG Mobile Lite?

A picture of one such tool
A picture of one such tool

There are several third-party tools with this name, which claim to provide players with unlimited BC for free. However, this is not true since PUBG Mobile Lite is a server-based game, and the only way of getting BC for free is through in-game events and rewards. Many of these websites require players to download malicious software that may also harm their devices.

It can also lead to loss of the account, since most of these websites ask players to enter their account details. Many of these tools also need players to pass the so-called bogus human verification process.

Hence, these tools are 100 percent fake and do not work. Even if they do work, players should not use them since they break the Terms of Service laid down by PUBG Mobile Lite. If caught doing so, players can be banned permanently, while their devices can also receive a permanent suspension.

Players should hence not waste their time on such tools, as they will never work and are illegal.

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