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PUBG Mobile Lite vs Call of Duty Mobile: Which game has better graphics for low RAM phones?

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite and Call of Duty Mobile based on graphics (Image via ImageShack)
Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite and Call of Duty Mobile based on graphics (Image via ImageShack)
Modified 04 Jan 2021, 13:13 IST

PUBG Mobile Lite and COD Mobile are uber-popular titles in the mobile gaming community and are mostly known for the immersive battle royale experiences they provide.

COD Mobile is a resource-intensive game, whereas PUBG Mobile Lite was developed mainly for low-end devices. Both have acceptable minimum system requirements, which this article shares, while also comparing which title has better graphics for low-end devices.

COD Mobile

Minimum system requirements

Here are the minimum requirements of COD Mobile as stated on the official website:

"Call of Duty: Mobile is compatible with Android devices with at least 2 GB of RAM and running Android 5.1 and above."

PUBG Mobile Lite

Minimum system requirements

  • Download Size - 567 MB
  • Operating System - Android 4.1
  • RAM - 1 GB (Recommended - 2 GB)
  • Processor - Qualcomm Processor

Graphics comparison between COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is developed using Unreal Engine 4, which usually designs PC games. The graphics in the game are commendable as it has realistic life-like map textures. It also has detailed frames with high contrast color schemes.

Players can opt for their preferred frame rates and graphic optimization according to the device requirements.


Call of Duty Mobile is also a great title that provides rich graphics. The game has vibrant color schemes with detailed high-contrast frames. But the shooter is not realistic and is more arcade-themed with rich color textures that fascinate most players.

Conclusion: Which title has better graphics?

Image via ImageShack
Image via ImageShack

Both titles have rich and alluring graphic textures but when looking at low-end device compatibility, it is safe to say that PUBG Mobile Lite’s graphics will be better than Call of Duty Mobile.

The two games offer 60 FPS frame rate support on mid-range smartphones and above, but when low-end devices are considered, PUBG Mobile Lite is a better performer.

Call of Duty Mobile lags and has jittery frames when played for too long on low-end devices. PUBG Mobile Lite is primarily developed for such phones, so offers better graphic optimization and a much smoother and lag-free gameplay experience on 2 GB/1 GB RAM mobiles.

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Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s individual opinion and choosing one game over the other is absolutely an individual’s personal choice.

Published 04 Jan 2021, 13:13 IST
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