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PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire: Which game has more maps and game modes in January 2021?

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Modified 20 Jan 2021

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite are mega-popular titles in the battle royale genre.

Although both have been produced by separate companies, their main goal was to address the needs of consumers with low-end smartphones. The size and performance of PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire are about the same, around 600 to 700 MB.

Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite offer fantastic and dynamic gaming experiences, and fans sometimes pit them against each other to figure out which is better.

This article compares and analyzes the two to see which game has more maps and modes.

PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire

Here are all the maps and game modes available in these titles:

#1 - Maps

Varenga in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via igyaan)
Varenga in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via igyaan)

PUBG Mobile Lite offers three gaming modes: Arcade, Classic, and EvoGround. The Classic mode contains two battle royale maps, Varenga and Golden Woods.

Purgatory in Free Fire (Image via ShackTV)
Purgatory in Free Fire (Image via ShackTV)

Free Fire has more choices compared to PUBG Mobile Lite. It provides three major maps: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.

Bermuda is the main arena in Free Fire. Purgatory is much smaller, while Kalahari is the smallest arena in the game.

#2 - Gameplay modes

PUBG Mobile Lite offers three gameplay modes, Classic, Arcade, and EvoGround. Here are the subdivisions of the modes:

  1. Classic: Varenga, Golden Woods (Maps)
  2. Arcade: War
  3. EvoGround: Payload 2.0

Free Fire offers much more variety in gameplay modes. Here is the list for all the modes available in Free Fire:

Free Fire gameplay modes
Free Fire gameplay modes
  1. Ranked Game
  2. Classic
  3. Clash Squad (Ranked and non-Ranked)
  4. Kill Secured


Both PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire have been efficient in satisfying players' expectations. Regarding the number of maps and gaming modes available, the latter is the clear winner.

Free Fire is a dynamic game that offers multiple gameplay modes, along with several special in-game features. PUBG Mobile Lite also offers better maps and modes but falls short when it comes to versatility and number.

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Published 20 Jan 2021, 12:16 IST
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