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PUBG Mobile: Play as a Zombie in new zombie mode

Wasif Ahmed
295   //    08 Mar 2019, 20:44 IST

PUBG Mo deleted Facebook post has created a wave of uncertainty and excitement.
PUBG Mobile's deleted Facebook post has created a wave of uncertainty and excitement.

PUBG Mobile keeps surprising us with new and amazing content. Just yesterday, the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 was announced and revealed the esports plan for the battle royale game this year. 

The PUBG x Resident Evil collaboration brought a unique and new zombie mode to PUBG exclusively in mobile. Now, if fresh rumors are to be believed, a new zombie mode is in the works at Tencent HQ. 

Popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber Mr.GHOST GAMING revealed in a video that Tencent are looking to give the present zombie mode a twist by allowing people to play as zombies. 

In a Facebook post published on February 28 by the official PUBG Mobile page, they asked users what kind of new content they wanted to see in the zombie mode and if playing as a zombie was an option. The post was later edited and the caption about the "play as a zombie" was edited out.

Fortunately, Facebook allows users to view past edits so people could still see the earlier post PUBG Mobile made. Later, the post altogether was deleted. Several people had already taken a screenshot of the post by then.

The screenshot of the deleted Facebook post.
The screenshot of the deleted Facebook post.

It is to be noted that playing as a zombie isn't an alienated idea to PUBG. The PC version already has a zombie mode where people can play as a zombie. The PC zombie mode involves a small squad of people up against over 90 zombies.

The zombies cannot pick up weapons in this mode and must rely on the strength of their number to kill the players. It also remains to be seen whether this new mode will be a part of the Resident Evil and PUBG collaboration or not. 

We cannot wait to see what Tencent has in store for us in the future!

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