Red dot vs Holographic scope in PUBG Mobile: Which is better?

Battle of the Scopes!
Battle of the Scopes!
Prashant Soni

PUBG Mobile provides many sight options which often gets players confused. You can now find out which sight is better for what situation and how you can use all of them.

The holographic and the red dot sight are scopes while a canted sight is a sidescope which can be attached with any other scope including both of the above scopes as well

PUBG Mobile scopes categorized on the basis of their stability and field of view:

Field of view:

Red dot is hands down the best scope for tracing objects in PUBG Mobile. It gives a completely minimal view of the surroundings. With red dot, you can pinpoint the aiming down sight while still having a clear view of your surroundings. The holographic sight, on the other hand, produces a sort of obstruction around your object. This can be fatal when facing your enemy, in PUBG Mobile. This is especially true when players are in a congested area or facing multiple enemies at once. This is a major disadvantage of Holo and it pushes Holo way back in the race for the best sight between these two in PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG Mobile screenshots below illustrate this better :

Red dot
Red dot

You can see that while having scoped in, the PUBG Mobile Holo takes up more screen space than the red dot. In ADS with Holo you can barely see the surrounding area of your target but with red dot you have a better field of view.


The 7.62 guns in PUBG Mobile have more recoil so are capable of better performance with holographic sight while the 5.56 guns and the SMGs don't have much recoil and thus red dot feels better with them. However, in some guns like the AKM, red dot and Holo perform exactly the same because they have a pattern based recoil.

It should be noted that Holo doesn't reduce recoil in PUBG Mobile. It is just made in a way that gives the visual effect of a more stable crosshair when you aim through it.

If you have a lot of experience with all the guns, and are well versed with their recoil patterns, you may prefer to use red dot in all the guns, as it provides better Field of View. This usually applies to players who have no problem with recoil.

So, choose your best scope with regards to your playing style and favourite guns.

Here's a quick guide for red dot with Gyroscope to help you use it even more effectively:


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