PUBG Mobile: Top 5 loot Spots in Sanhok

Best Loot Spots in Sanhok
Best Loot Spots in Sanhok
Tousif Hasan Biswas

Among the maps of PUBG or PUBG Mobile, Sanhok is the smallest and considered to be the most battle intensive PUBG map. Because of its small radius but with the same number of players in a match, games in Sanhok become much more intensive. Although Erangel is considered to be the most popular PUBG map, Sanhok is also preferred by the players because of its great design. High grasses and the big rocks make the Sanhok matches more interesting.

Today in this article, we will talk about the hot loot spots of Sanhok that will give you a headstart to your firepower.

#Boot Camp & Paradise Resort

Bootcamp and Paradise Resort
Bootcamp and Paradise Resort

Placed in the heart of the map Sanhok, Bootcamp, and Paradise resort are the hottest spots, be it for looting or battling. If the line of the plane goes somewhere near the Bootcamp then, it becomes the place where most of the individuals/teams drop in. Players will be getting lots of competition to survive in these two places but the loots here are more than sufficient loots to kill all the enemies they will face in a match. The openess of bootcamp makes it more interesting. If you are among the first ones to land in any of these two places, make sure to land as close as possible to guns. Otherwise, many players face death while they land.

#Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie

Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie
Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie

The three militaries are placed in the heads of a triangle in Sanhok. Due to the furthest locations of these 3 places, any of them becomes unaccesible in a match. But, all of these 3 places are qually rich in loots. Players can find plenty of guns, scopes, ammo, and all other necessary equipment. When the plane goes near or above any of these military camps, it becomes a good battleground.

#Other loot spots

There are more! If you want to avoid the mentioned five because of the intense battle at the start, you can always land into some less popular areas to get some easy loots. You can always consider Quarry and Ruins in this case. However, loots here are may not be as much as the places I have mentioned above.

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