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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Which game has better guns?

Image via retrocube
Image via retrocube
Modified 25 Dec 2020, 11:24 IST

PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are two mega-popular battle royale titles in the esports community. Both share the same core of surviving till the end and have amassed stellar fan bases worldwide. Hence, fans often pit the two against each other to see which is better.

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile offer a vast array of weapons. These titles also have similar weapon categories, with a few exceptions.

This article analyzes how each gun is categorized in both these titles and which game has more and better weapons.

COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile: Assessing the firearms

Weapon categorization in PUBG Mobile

Armory in PUBG Mobile
Armory in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile includes a lot of ARs, DMRs, SMGs, and Snipers in its armory section. Here is the list of all weapons in the game, arranged according to categories:

  • Assault Rifles: PUBG Mobile Lite includes weapons like Scar-L, M16A4, Groza, AKM, M416, etc., under the AR armory, including a total of 11 ARs.
  • DMRs: The Designated Marksman Rifles category includes weapons like SKS, Mini 14, VSS with a total of 6 DMRs.
  • SMGs: UMP, Vector, and UZI are also included under the SMG category, with six SMGs being available in the game.
  • Sniper Rifles: AWM, M24, and Kar98k are three of the most popular snipers in the game.
  • Shotguns: This category includes powerful SGs like S1897, S686, which can exploit the enemy in close combats.
  • Pistols, Melees, Throwables, and Others: The Pistol category includes a wide range of selections, including six guns in the armory. The Melee weapons are pan, crowbar, machete, and sickle. The throwable section includes frag grenade, stun grenade, molotov cocktail, and smoke grenade. It also has a flare gun which can be fired up in the sky to summon special airdrops.


Weapon categorization in COD Mobile

Armory in COD Mobile
Armory in COD Mobile

Here is the detailed list of all the weapons available in COD Mobile:

  • Assault: There are a total of 15 ARs present in the armory of COD Mobile. It features popular guns like AK-47, M16, M4, DR-H, etc.
  • Sniper: There are 7 Snipers in the game, including Arctic .50, Outlaw, Locus, etc. The game also has a marksman rifle called Kilo-Bolt action.
  • LMG: There are 5 LMGs or Light Machine Guns present in the game's armory section featuring guns like RPD, Chopper, M4LMG, etc.
  • SMG: COD Mobile offers a plethora of od SMG weapons in the game. Including Fennec, QQ9, Cordite, and AGR 556, there are a total of 13 SMGs available in the game currently.
  • Shotgun: There are 6 Shotguns present in the game, including popular weapons like Striker, Echo, and BY15.
  • Melees, Pistols, and Launcher: COD Mobile sees three pistols, two launchers, and three melee items in the game. The very popular .50 GS pistol is also included in the armory section of the game.
  • Others: The game also has Lethal utilities like Trip mine, Sticky grenade, Concussion grenade, Smoke grenade, etc.

Conclusion: Which game has more and better guns?

If considered in numbers and weapon class versatility, COD Mobile can easily be declared the winner, as it has more choices and better class divisions. Though PUBG Mobile also has plenty of weapons, it loses out in the numbers game and the variety of weapons offered.

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are unique and exceptional in their own ways. PUBG Mobile has a more realistic and real life-like gameplay, while COD Mobile is much more fast-paced and features arcade-style gameplay. Hence, both these games have different methodologies for weapon usage.

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Published 25 Dec 2020, 11:24 IST
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