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PUBG Mobile: What is Rotating & How to do it in the Game?

Image Courtesy: Beautiful Free Images & Pictures
Image Courtesy: Beautiful Free Images & Pictures
Anuj Gupta
Modified 26 Jul 2019, 18:37 IST

PUBG Mobile has been one of the top played games for over two years now. The game and its community have matured and developed over this period of time. PUBG Mobile has become increasingly competitive. There have been numerous PUBG Mobile tournaments and the game has been played at the very highest level. 

There are various strategies in PUBG Mobile and other versions as well. From awareness of positioning to skill of shooting all are like weapons in a player’s arsenal which they can deploy in game to win. One of these skills is the art of rotating.

What is Rotating in PUBG Mobile?

Rotating is a movement which one or multiple players of team make to get from point A to point B on the map. Rotating it usually done when the player or his team are out of the zone or are in a dangerous area of the map where they cannot survive. Rotating should not be mixed with Flanking which has a completely different purpose.

When and how to Rotate in PUBG Mobile?

The question of when to rotate has a very simple answer to it. One should rotate to another location on the map when the zone is not on the player’s side or the player is in extreme danger because of various other enemy players or a big Red Zone.

The answer of how to rotate is very complicated. Rotating to another location should be planned beforehand. The idea of moving from one location to the other is even more complicated when you are in a squad, coordination is key there. You have to use markers and mark buildings, compounds or warehouses etc. on the map where you want to rotate. Planning also requires to search out empty spaces on the map which have little or no cover. Best time to plan and rotate is when there is one minute left for the blue zone to start.

Factors to consider before Rotating:

There are various factors to keep in mind before you rotate. Firstly, the playing circle plays a huge role in deciding your locations around the map. No one wants to race against the blue zone and find themselves out of heal supplies when 15 people are remaining on the map.

Secondly, drops play a huge role in rotation. Some people want to loot drops after their basic farming so rotating to nearby buildings or other covers should be planned beforehand.


Make sure to have one vehicle for transport if you are solo or duo, and at least two vehicles if you are in a squad. That way you can rotate instantly to other locations. Keeping your vehicles safe after reaching your location is also a key factor because you might not get another car or transport.

In conclusion Rotating is a skill based on game sense which you get from experience. No one can teach exactly where to rotate, it all depends on the circumstances and the map. However, I hope some of these tips might help you make better judgement next time you choose to change your location in a game of PUBG Mobile.

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