PUBG Mobile: Who is TSM-Entity Ghatak?

I am TSM Entity Ghatak
I am TSM Entity Ghatak

Ever since I started playing PUBG Mobile professionally, people have had various questions about who I am; about who Ghatak really is. Before TSM-ENT Ghatak I was Entity Ghatak, and people couldn't stop asking questions about my life - both inside and outside the game.

Then, when I went on to win tournaments in 2019 such as PMCO Fall Split, the questions increased and the number of people following me also doubled. Several questions were asked about me on live streams, search engines and on the discord server.

Now, I want to answer all of them! For all those who want to know who GHATAK is, here goes.

Q. Who is TSM-Entity Ghatak?

I am Abhijeet Andhare, more commonly known as Ghatak. I am the coach for TSM-Entity’s PUBG Mobile roster.

I have more than 137k followers on Instagram
I have more than 137k followers on Instagram
I have 184k subscribers on YouTube
I have 184k subscribers on YouTube

Q. How did TSM-Entity Ghatak start gaming?

My gaming journey started back in 2008. I used to go to gaming cafes to play games like CS 1.6, Age of Conquerors and DOTA. I also won a major Age of Conquerors tournament where the best players from the country participated.

Due to some unavoidable reasons I had to leave gaming for a while, but when PUBG Mobile grew in popularity, I decided to make a return.

Q. What does TSM-Entity Ghatak do apart from gaming?

I own a photo printing lab in Pune, which is still active. I am fairly passionate about photography; apart from gaming, that is what I love to do the most.

I love photography as well
I love photography as well

Q. What social media handles does TSM-Entity Ghatak have?

I am mainly active on Instagram, where I put out all information related to ongoing and upcoming tournaments, other e-sports related stuff and game-play clips. I also have a YouTube channel where I usually do laid-back streams.

Q. What is the real name of TSM-Entity Ghatak?

My real name is Abhijeet Andhare.

Q. Where is TSM-Entity Ghatak from?

I am from Pune, Maharashtra.

Q. Where did TSM-Entity Ghatak go to college?

I went to GH Raisoni College in Pune.

Q. Who is your favorite teammate in Entity?

I don’t have any favorite player in particular; I treat everyone equally. I always try to teach young players the value of a good relationship between teammates, and how uplifting it can be.

I enjoy spending time with his teammates
I enjoy spending time with his teammates

Q. What do TSM-Entity Ghatak's parents think about his gaming?

My father works for the police force and is strict by nature. I had a fallout with him many years ago, due to which my communication with my family became very minimal.

However, I am sure he is very proud of me and my work in the gaming industry.

Q. What does TSM-Entity Ghatak’s wife think about his gaming?

Initially, there were a lot of small clashes between me and my wife due to my gaming. I used to play PUBG Mobile continuously, even when I was supposed to work.

As a responsible adult she obviously had concerns regarding this, and to avoid any clashes, I started to lie - which she obviously caught.

However, once I started earning some recognition, her doubts were gone. Now, she supports me in every venture.

My wife supports him in every endeavour
My wife supports him in every endeavour

Q. Who are TSM-Entity Ghatak’s favorite players of all time?

I don’t have any particular favorite e-sports personality. Outside the e-sports industry, Sachin Tendulkar has always been my idol.

Q. Which city does TSM-Entity Ghatak currently stay in?

Even though I was born and raised in Pune, I currently live in Mumbai due to my e-sports career. I am hoping to move to Mumbai permanently with my wife soon.

Q, What is Ghatak’s favourite self-clicked photograph of all time?

It would be the photo that I clicked when we lifted the PMCO Fall Split trophy.

Q. Which is your favourite Indian PUBG Mobile moment of all time?

The entirety of the PMCO Fall Split South Asian regional finals was a special moment for me. It was a very close competition and we needed a victory on the Vikendi map. We won the game and eventually lifted the trophy in front of the entire crowd.

I have captained TSM Entity to numerous honours
I have captained TSM Entity to numerous honours

Q. Which teammate of yours is the most popular among girls?

ZGod is quite popular among the girls, and he definitely has charm. However, he is quite focused on his goals and nothing distracts him from achieving his targets. Jonathan is also very popular as he carries a stunning flair.

Q. What equipment does TSM-Entity Ghatak use for gaming and streaming?

I don’t use anything fancy, and all my streaming gear comes from our organization.

Q. What are TSM-Entity Ghatak’s in-game settings?

I use custom settings which I have manually set up. I believe that the game settings depend upon the player’s style; no gamer should try to copy the settings that others have.

Q. What is TSM-Entity Ghatak's favourite food and why?

I am a huge fan of non-vegetarian and Chinese food but at the same time, I am not choosy. Our manager is a tremendous cook and he has been taking care of us during the lock-down.

Q. Does TSM-Entity Ghatak like other sports apart from e-sports?

Apart from e-sports, I am also a huge cricket fan. I used to play cricket professionally and have also represented Maharashtra in the under-17 category.

There was a period when I wanted to become a cricketer, but due to an unfortunate accident, I had to let that dream go.

Q. What is TSM-Entity Ghatak’s PUBG ID?


I love playing PUBG Mobile
I love playing PUBG Mobile

Q. Where can one buy TSM-Entity Ghatak’s merchandise?

As of now, I don’t have any merchandise. However, our organization is soon launching its own merchandise.

Q. Where does TSM-Entity Ghatak see himself in five years?

I would like to see myself with more trophies in the coming years. I think that is the primary goal and apart from that, you can expect me to promote the e-sports industry in our country.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer to that?

Since I have decent experience of leading a team, I get a lot of questions regarding my IGL skills and how one can develop it. Soon, I’ll be posting a lot of content about that on my YouTube channel.

You can follow me on Instagram here. And here is the link to my YouTube channel.

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