PUBG Mobile: Who is TSM-Entity Neyoo?

I am TSM-Entity Neyoo
I am TSM-Entity Neyoo

Over the past few months, PUBG Mobile fans have had lots of questions about me, whether it be regarding my personal life or when I started playing the game. In fact, my original transition from CS to PUBG Moblie has also garnered a lot of attention and the queries from fellow players have never been too far away.

A few months ago, the number of questions reached a crescendo when I represented India at the PMCO Global in Malaysia with TSM-Entity. So, now, I feel the time is right for me to come out and answer all your queries regarding me, my personal life, my hobbies away from Esports and my background.

Here goes!

Q. Who is TSM-Entity Neyoo?

A guy with a dream to be the best at whatever he does. I have been addicted to gaming since 5th standard. First I played CS1.6 and then CS Go. Post that, I started playing PUBG Mobile.

Q. How did TSM-Entity Neyoo start gaming?

A year and a half back, my friend introduced me to PUBG Mobile. At, first I used to play it for fun but took up the game seriously once I realised that I had the requisite skills.

Q. What does TSM-Entity Neyoo do apart from gaming?

I love to listen to songs, play cricket, football and sleep.

I love listening to songs
I love listening to songs

Q. What social media handles does TSM-Entity Neyoo have?

Youtube and Instagram.

I have more than 76k followers on Instagram
I have more than 76k followers on Instagram
I have 80.5k subscribers on YouTube
I have 80.5k subscribers on YouTube

Q. What is the real name of TSM-Entity Neyoo?

My name is Suraj Majumdar.

Q. Where is TSM-Entity Neyoo from?

I am from Mumbai.

Q. What did TSM-Entity Neyoo do during his school days?

I used to study and I participated in a lot of sports. I loved outdoor sports, in particular.

Q. Has TSM-Entity Neyoo given any competitive exam?

No, I haven't given any competitive exam.

Q. Where did TSM-Entity Neyoo go to college?

RA Podar Commerce College in Mumbai.

Q. Who is your favourite teammate in Entity?

Jonathan is my favourite teammate.

Me with my teammates
Me with my teammates

Q. What do TSM-Entity Neyoo parents think about his gaming?

At first, they used to say that I was not earning anything. However, after winning PMCO, they were happy and they now fully support me. In fact, they have also told me to make a career in this industry.

.Q. Who are TSM-Entity Neyoo’s favorite players of all time?

Paraboy and 4am svan.

Q. Which city does TSM-Entity Neyoo currently stay in?

I currently stay in Mumbai.

Q. Which is your favourite Indian PUBG Mobile moment of all time?

Lifting the trophy at PMCO Delhi and representing India at the globals in Malaysia.

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Q. What equipment does TSM-Entity Neyoo use for gaming and streaming?

I use an iPhone 11 pro max with splitter and hyperX gaming headphones.

Q. What are TSM-Entity Neyoo’s in game settings?

I use a two thumb set-up with the ‘gyro always on’ setting while playing PUBG Mobile.


Q. What is TSM-Entity Neyoo's favourite food and why?

Chicken biryani. And, my mom cooks very delicious chicken.

Q. What is TSM-Entity Neyoo’s personal favourite moment in PUBG?

Representing India at the PMCO Global in Malaysia.

Q. Does TSM-Entity Neyoo like other sports apart from e-sports?.

Cricket and football.

Q. What is TSM-Entity Neyoo’s PUBG ID?

My PUBG ID is - TSM EntNeyoo.

Q. Where can I buy TSM-Entity Neyoo’s merchandise?

I don’t have any merchandise at present.

Q. Where does TSM-Entity Neyoo see himself in five years?

I aspire to see myself as a successful Indian Esports player.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most and what is the answer?

Fans usually ask me how one can become the best in PUBG Mobile. To that, I simply answer that there is no substitute to hard work and grinding it out.

You can follow me on Instagram here. The link to my YouTube channel can be found here.

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