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PUBG News: PMCO 2019 Prelims Day 2 Results and Standings; List of Top 5 Teams Qualified for PMCO 2019 Berlin Global Finals

Tarun Sayal
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:53 IST

PMCO 2019 Prelims
PMCO 2019 Prelims

After the Day 1 of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Prelims (PMCO), X-Quest was comfortably placed at #1 position on the Leaderboard. But the Purple Mood Esports turned the table and achieved the first position on leaderboard by grabbing 4 WWCD after the end of Day 2.

Talking about Indian Tigers, they showed an amazing gameplay and won the hearts of their fans. But sadly, they couldn't make it to the Top 5 by a minimal margin. Indian Tigers finished at 6th position & Team IND finished at 12th position.

PMCO 2019 Prelims Points Table
PMCO 2019 Prelims Points Table

Here is the list of Qualifying Teams for PMCO Global Finals Berlin 2019:

List of Qualified Teams / Top 5 Teams of PMCO 2019 Prelims

  • Purple Mood
  • X-Quest
  • Team Queso
  • Top Esports
  • All Rejection Gaming

These are the top 5 teams that are qualified for PMCO Global Finals Berlin 2019. Also, take a look at each match details and highlights that are listed below.

Match 7 (Sanhok TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Purple Mood- 9 Kills

The seventh match of PMCO 2019 Prelims was played on PUBG Map Sanhok. Surprisingly, 3 squads landed at Bootcamp, in which one of the team got eliminated early in the match.

On the other hand, Indian Tigers decided to loot Camp Bravo. But the main highlight of this match was the Carry from INDIAN Tigers who took 7 kills and carried his team to #2 Position. Purple Mood won the first match by the advantage of blue zone.


Points Table after Match 7:

  • #1 Purple Mood: 187 Points
  • #2 Team X-Quest: 182 Points
  • #3 Team NVM: 114 Points

Match 8 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: X-Quest- 10 Kills

The plane took its flight path from Gatka to Novo Repnoye, but unfortunately, the first zone was formed on the opposite on Military Island and near the Georgopool which made difficult for more than 8 squads to move in the zone. Sadly, Indian Tigers got eliminated early in the match. Due to shift of circle, most of the teams died outside the play zone. Team XQF held the ground and registered yet another Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the final zone.

Points Table after Match 8:

  • #1Team X-Quest: 222 Points
  • #2 Purple Mood: 203 Points
  • #3 Team ARG: 131 Points

Match 9 (Miramar TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team Queso- 3 Kills

In the 9th match, Team IND played very well and got a position of #4 which gave them a massive boost on the leaderboard. ScoutOP and Daljit were the last 2 players alive on the battleground. Both played quite fiercely and took a couple of kills to add more points for their team. In the final circle, a tight battle took place between Team Queso and RG, which was won by Team Queso.

Points Table after Match 9:

  • #1Team X-Quest: 237 Points
  • #2 Purple Mood: 214 Points
  • #3 Top Esports: 154 Points

Match 10 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Purple Mood- 11 Kills

In the 10th match played on Erangel map, Indian Tigers stole the heart of every PUBG fan with their outstanding performance as they finished #2. Unfortunately, the final zone was in the favor of the rival team and there was a face to face battle between Team PLM and Indian Tigers. Somehow, PLM managed to win the game with a total of 11 kills.

Points Table after Match 10:

  • #1 Purple Mood: 255 Points
  • #2 Team X-Quest: 248 Points
  • #3 Team ARG: 165 Points

Match 11 (Vikendi TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Purple Mood- 4 Kills

The heal battle was the main strategy used by last 5 alive teams. In the final zone, whole squad of Deformia was alive and a single player from Purple Mood. Luckily, Purple Mood won the healing battle and became the number 1 team on the leaderboard.

Points Table after Match 11:

  • #1 Purple Mood: 289 Points
  • #2 Team X-Quest: 275 Points
  • #3 Team Queso: 186 Points

Match 12 (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Indian Tigers- 6 Kills

A brilliant performance by Indian Tigers lead them to get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the last match. But unfortunately they were ranked at #6 on the leaderboard and there was a margin of 10 points to get qualified for PMCO 2019 Global Finals in Berlin.

Points Table after Match 11:

  • #1 Purple Mood: 304 Points
  • #2 Team X-Quest: 302 Points
  • #3 Team Queso: 203 Points

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