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PUBG News: PMCO Fall Split 2019 South Asia Playins Day 1 Results and Standings; ETG Brawlers on #1 Position after Day 1

Tarun Sayal
Published Nov 07, 2019
Nov 07, 2019 IST

PMCO 2019 South Asia Overall Standings
PMCO 2019 South Asia Overall Standings

The first day of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 South Asia Playins Day 1 is over, and all the matches were were very intense and breathtaking. A lot of clutches were seen on the first day of PMCO 2019 SA Playins, which overturned the game and created a huge hype among the audience.

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After Day #1, ETG Brawlers is currently leading the scoreboard with 102 points whereas, Fnatic and Team TDP got second and third place on the leaderboard.

On the very first day, all the three groups gave a very tough competition to each other, and every team tried their best to conquer the leaderboard.

So here are the highlights of PMCO 2019 Playins day 1, along with highlights of every match.

Match 1- Group A and B (Erangel TPP)

Winner Of The Match: ETG Brawlers- 13 Kills

The plane took its flight path from Severny to Military Base in the Erangle map. Sandhu from Orange Rock clan was the first player to be eliminated from the round with a pistol. Soul Mortal decided to rush on the Synerge clan, but unfortunately, Synergy Clan killed the entire team SouL without losing the single teammate. In the final zone, there was an intense fight between ETG Brawlers and Synerge, which was won by ETG Brawlers with a total of 13 kills.

Points Table after Match 1:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 33 Points
  • #2 Synerge: 21 Points
  • #3 Zero Degree: 20 Points

Match 2- Group A and B (Vikendi TPP)

Winner Of The Match: ETG Brawlers- 10 Kills

In the second match, ETG Brawlers played brilliantly and wisely. Team SouL performed well as per the previous match and secured 8th position. Dark from ETG Brawlers showed amazing game play and killed the entire GodL clan. In the final zone, Dark ran over on a TDP's clan player and got an easy Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Points Table after Match 2:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 63 Points
  • #2 Zero Degree: 40 Points
  • #3 Team Synerge: 23 Points

Match 3- Group A and C (Miramar TPP)

Winner Of The Match: ETG Brawlers- 14 Kills

Again, ETG Brawlers from Group A played brilliantly in the final zone and secured another Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Audience's most beloved team from Group C "Fnatic" got the #2 position as Paritosh and Owais hardly pushed their team in the final moments. Brawler successfully captured the #1 spot on Leader board by winning three maps consecutively.

Points Table after Match 3:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 97 Points
  • #2 Zero Degree: 40 Points
  • #3 Entity Gaming: 31 Points

Match 4- Group A and C (Sanhok TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team TDP- 13 Kills

We got some early action to watch in the 4th match of Day 1 as a bunch of teams decided to drop at Bootcamp. In this map, too, the brawlers were in full swing and hunting the airdrops to add some extra kills in the leaderboard. Almost every team remained prone to take the TPP advantage and play sneaky as well. In the final zone, Shagar from Team TDP took three grenade kills and led his team to victory.

Points Table after Match 4:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 102 Points
  • #2 Team TDP: 62 Points
  • #3 Entity Gaming: 52 Points

Match 5 - Group B and C (Miramar TPP)

Winner Of The Match: Team Fnatic- 10 Kills

There were five teams alive in the final circle of the game. Pritosh and Owais from Team Fnatic got knocked down by the enemy but ScoutOp revived them both. The final fight was between Team SouL, Team Insane and Team Fnatic. Team Soul finished Insane's whole squad and ran out of cover and Team Fnatic took it's advantage thus winning the game. ScoutOp was given the MVP title for his 6 kills and over 1000 damage.

Points Table after Match 5:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 102 Points
  • #2 Team TDP: 62 Points
  • #3 Team Fnatic: 56 Points

Match 6 - Group B and C (Vikendi TPP)

Winner Of The Match: MegaX- 7 Kills

The first play zone of this match become a huge problem for majority of teams as it was formed on the corner of the map. While doing hard rotation into the zone, a bunch of teams got clashed resulting into early elimination. In the last, MegaX Clan got the victory with 7 Kills

Points Table after Match 6:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 102 Points
  • #2 Team Fnatic: 63 Points
  • #3 Team TDP: 62 Points

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