Rainbow Six Siege year 7 roadmap leaked: Will supposedly receive 3 new maps, including one for Deathmatch

Every information leaked before Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 announcement. (Image via Ubisoft)
Every information leaked before Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 announcement. (Image via Ubisoft)

As Rainbow Six Siege’s sixth year almost concludes, the hype around the seventh one has started to kick in. The game’s next season is officially being called "Demon Veil," which is arriving with a new operator who resides in Japan.

However, apart from the already revealed information on the shooter game’s next steps, much other information has also appeared via leaks. The leaks include plans to bring three new maps, where two maps are meant for competitive games and one for deathmatch purposes.


Not only that, but the entire road map for year seven also gets leaked before Ubisoft announces it.

Rainbow Six Siege’s year 7 plans leaked early

For a long time, the Rainbow Six Siege community has remained disappointed that they were not getting any new maps to play on. However, in year 7, that thing will change as Ubisoft might be planning to bring two new maps for competitive games.

On which countries these maps will be based is not mentioned, but fans speculate that one of them will be in Poland.

@Rainbow6Game Year7:You will be able to browse through all the legendary items in the Alpha Packs. We will get a free legendary pack in occasion of this.3 new maps | 2 competitive | 1 deathmatchY7 S1: JapanY7 S2: BelgiumY7 S3: SingaporeY7 S4: Columbia

It is also known that Ubisoft will also bring a new Deathmatch mode that will allow players to take any operator of choice. This gets confirmed with the leaks mentioning a dedicated map for Deathmatch purposes and is a big thing for the game itself.

This new game mode will also be part of year 7 Season 1 content and will stay from that season onwards. Leaks have also revealed which countries the shooter game will be focusing on when bringing in new operators and are as follows:

  • Year 7 Season 1: Japan
  • Year 7 Season 2: Belgium
  • Year 7 Season 3: Singapore
  • Year 7 Season 4: Columbia
The Goyo rework will finally be released in Y7S1.

Leaks also suggest that Goyo will finally be receiving his long-mentioned rework. However, it is not known how it's actually going to be. With all these leaks, it seems that year seven might be Rainbow Six Siege's next shot at a revival, and it would be an exciting year for the game.

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