Smoke face revealed in Rainbow Six Siege's latest "Sisters In Arms" CGI movie

Smoke's face revealed seven years after Rainbow Six Siege's release (Image via Ubisoft)
Smoke's face revealed seven years after Rainbow Six Siege's release (Image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege’s deep lore is something that keeps the players intrigued and is quite cherished too. After releasing multiple short films based on its entire storyline, Ubisoft is taking the next step towards extending its lore with its new “Sister In Arms” short film.

The short film's story revolves around Zofia and Ela, the Polish sisters who are known for their differences. This short CGI video shows the players how these sisters used to be and what drove them to be who they are now.

From one pair to two strangers, from one team to two clans, from peace to war. For Ela and Zofia, things won't never be the same anymore...

While the entire short was heading towards its conclusion, fans were given a huge shock as Smoke made a surprise cameo with a face reveal.

All about Rainbow Six Siege’s latest “Sister In Arms” short film

The story kicks in with Ela and Kali’s conversation as both travel somewhere in a vehicle. In the next scene, the short shift towards both sisters’ past back in the G.R.O.M. unit. This scene shows how both of them used to work together at ease and how badass both of them can be.

As both of them strive towards perfection in every way, their lives are met with a drastic change as their father comes to pass. Both of the sisters loved their father dearly, however, their ideologies really set them apart.

When the Polish duos’ father died, Ela mentioned that his death really altered Zofia altogether, as she distanced herself from Ela. The next part of the story shifts to modern times as both of them fight each other in The Program.

Last year, The Program also saw a big feud as the whole Team Rainbow got split into two halves, one on Kali's side and the other on Ash's side. Now, this story takes place exactly after these events, and Ela can be seen taking Kali’s side instead of staying right beside her sister.

While Zofia tries to stop her from joining the other side, Ela expresses her grief towards her sister by saying:

“Father died, Zofia, but you left me alone.”

To this, Zofia fails to earn back her sister, and Ela finalizes her stay on Kali’s side. Now that this story is really starting to wrap up, Smoke ends it by giving fans a massive shock with a face reveal.


In the seven long years since Rainbow Six Siege’s release, Smoke hasn't seen a face reveal, and with the commencement of Year 7, it all changes. This is something that has hyped the fans for what’s coming next, as Rainbow Six Siege heads towards a new lore.

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