Redfall update 4 ReVamp patch notes detailed

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The controversial looter game is not dead yet (Image via Xbox Game Studios)

A brand-new Redfall update titled ReVamp will update the first-person looter-shooter to Update Version 1.451.8.0. This time, several changes to design and progression are included, making this arguably the most important patch that developer Arkane's game has seen yet. From brand-new additions to quality-of-life improvements, dedicated fans will be happy.

To see updates arrive even after Arkane studio was shut down shows a newfound level of dedication from the publisher, one that should contribute to igniting a new wave of players. Here is everything to know about the latest Redfall Update 4 titled "ReVamp".

Redfall Update Version 1.451.8.0 patch notes explored

There are two major additions to note in Redfall Update 4: Community Standing and Elder Nests.

Community Standing

New rewards can be unlocked by turning in Support currency (Image via Xbox Game Studios)
New rewards can be unlocked by turning in Support currency (Image via Xbox Game Studios)

With the release of Redfall Update 4, unlocking a new Safehouse, completing Safehouse missions, rescuing civilians, or killing an Underboss will all contribute to a new reputation bar, Community Standing. As you assist the residents of Redfall in freeing their town from the grip of the Vampire Gods, you’ll be able to use your Support currency to unlock new rewards from the Safehouse Skill Tree.

There are six ranks of Community Standing giving you 39 unique rewards that serve as permanent buffs. As you progress higher through the Skill Tree, the unlocks become increasingly more impactful. To help you get a better idea of what upgrades await, let’s look at a couple of unlocks from each of the six ranks of Community Standing.

Rank 1:

  • Treat Yourself: Cosmetics near your location appear on your Map and Compass.
  • I’m In: Turrets and Tripwires take 50% less time to Hack.

Rank 2:

  • The Rest of the Story: Grave Locks near your location appear on your Map and Compass.
  • Ammo Dump: Human enemies drop more ammo on death.

Rank 3:

  • Well Grounded: Take 50% less damage from Rook Storm lightning strikes.
  • Castle Doctrine: Unlocked Safehouse defense now includes some Friendly Turrets.

Rank 4:

  • Family Heirlooms: Anglers, Shrouds, and Siphons drop better rewards on death.
  • Homeopathic Remedy: Using a Medical Supply has a 40% chance to not consume the item.

Rank 5:

  • Crystal Ball: Each Psychic Residue Orb collected has a 40% chance to give you significantly more Psychic Residue.
  • Last Laugh: When destroyed, Friendly Turrets will electrocute enemies within 20 meters. Does not affect enemies immune to electrocution.

Rank 6:

  • High Roller: Unrivaled items appear much more frequently in loot.
  • Escape Plan: Activate a salvaged Bellwether cloak for 10 seconds upon reaching critical health levels. Attacking will deactivate. Can only occur once every 10 minutes.

All the upgrades from the Community Standing Skill Tree are meant to provide you with a mixture of QoL and gameplay benefits. A few of the traits will even help collectors finish out their hunt for cosmetics and Grave Locks.

Elder Nests

New vampiric challenges await in Redfall Update "ReVamp" (Image via Xbox Game Studios)
New vampiric challenges await in Redfall Update "ReVamp" (Image via Xbox Game Studios)

Also arriving with Redfall Update 4 are Elder Nests. These new Boss-focused Nests will challenge you to destroy dangerously modified special Vampires to free Redfall from their influence. Portals to the Elder Nest will appear around Redfall, much like their Heart Nest siblings. But these new psychic spaces can be distinguished by their purple glow over the areas where their influence reaches.

Once you’ve accepted the challenge and entered the Elder Nest, your objective is to find the Vampire boss buried deep within and destroy them, freeing the Heart inside, grabbing your rewards, and escaping.

After successfully clearing the Elder Nest, you (and your teammates) will be granted a temporary buff called a Heart Shard. The duration of the Heart Shard scales to the campaign difficulty; granting a longer buff at each higher difficulty. Here are just a few of the Heart Shards that could be granted after completing an Elder Nest in Redfall Update 4:

  • Ammo Synthesis: Holstered weapons regenerate ammo and reload when not in use.
  • UV Healing: A player gains health when hit by UV.
  • Light in Darkness: The expanding aura around the Nest weakens vampires inside it, instead of the usual strengthening effect.

There’s one more major change coming to all Nests with this update. Failing to escape a Nest during its destabilization phase will now result in you not obtaining the Major Remanent. Any loot that you pick up will still be yours, but the Major Remanent is now rewarded after you successfully exit the collapsing Nest.

Quality-of-Life improvements

These changes make Redfall more accessible to newcomers:

  • Offline Mode: Players can now enjoy the entirety of Redfall without an internet connection. This is valid even if they are disconnected from the game during an online solo session; in the case of co-op play, the user will simply be dropped into a single-player offline instance of the game.
  • Single Player Pausing: Another hot complaint is being fixed with the introduction of a pause system during solo sessions as players can step away from the game to do whatever they need. As it should be obvious, this does not affect co-op sessions.

The Redfall Update 4 is available to download right now on PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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