Resident Evil Re:Verse's recent rating teases an upcoming reveal and release

One of the major game rating agencies graded the game on Google Stadia this week (Image via
One of the major game rating agencies graded the game on Google Stadia this week (Image via

Resident Evil fans recently noticed an event which might hint that an announcement for Resident Evil Re:Verse is on the way. One of the major game rating agencies graded the game on the Google Stadia platform this week. The game also received a launch date as well.

The new Resident Evil Re:Verse certification was discovered initially by Gematsu on the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) website. For the section on release dates and platforms, the most current listing is Stadia, which has a July 5th release date.

Everything has been unusually silent in the world of Resident Evil Re:Verse. Re:Verse was revealed in January 2021 and was supposed to be out in May 2021 with Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Re:Verse receives a Stadia rating, Capcom may reveal it soon


It's worth mentioning that the game's release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms was originally scheduled for July 5, 2021. Second, the game was never given an official launch and was only intended to be released sometime in July 2021, so fans shouldn't place too much faith on July 5th for the time being.

This means that the rating doesn't contain much in the way of information on the game's release, but it is sufficient to inform individuals who are excited about the game that it is still active. The game's social media accounts are currently quiet, with the most recent statement from the account being the one that announced the postponement.

More about Resident Evil Re:Verse


Resident Evil Re:Verse is a 6v6 multiplayer game in which players take on the roles of legendary characters from the Resident Evil franchise. In a range of different types, players must exterminate opponents and survive terrible zombies.

Players in the PvP mode must search the surroundings for virus capsules that activate unique perks. When a user dies as a result of their injuries, the player's character is resurrected as a bioweapon, whose identity is determined by the number of samples gathered throughout the match.

Aside from the intriguing gameplay pattern, the experience had a number of flaws, which Resident Evil Re:Verse's postponement till 2022 should hopefully smooth out.


The game is a 25th-anniversary homage to the Resident Evil franchise with a distinctive graphic style. It brings together protagonists from across the Resident Evil franchise, including Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Hunk, Tyrant variations, and more.

The game will be accessible for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia when it hits. Players who purchased a physical edition of Resident Evil Village should save their download code until 2022.

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