Riot details all Sona “mini-rework” changes coming in League of Legends patch 11.16

Riot details all Sona “mini-rework” changes in patch 11.16 (Image via Riot Games)
Riot details all Sona “mini-rework” changes in patch 11.16 (Image via Riot Games)

Out of all the older League of Legends champions, Sona has one of the simplest and most outdated kits. This is the biggest reason why Riot has been planning to change large portions of her abilities to help her be a bit more relevant in the season 11 meta.

A good portion of Sona’s kit will be re-worked in League of Legends patch 11.16, and she will be receiving a significant amount of quality-of-life updates that will make it feel a bit more rewarding to play.

In a recent tweet, lead League of Legends game designer Jeevun Sidhu opened up about the changes that the developer will be looking to bring to the Maven of Strings.

Not only will her passive be completely overhauled and come with an entirely new mechanic, but each of her ability interactions will also be tweaked to fit her new playstyle.

Listed below are all of Sona’s tentative changes that have already hit the League of Legends PBE 11.16 cycle. It’s important to note here that all the tweaks mentioned may not reflect completely in the official patch once it goes live.

League of Legends patch 11.16: All Sona changes

Passive: Power Chord

  • New Passive: Accelerando - Sona’s basic abilities grant her permanent Accelerando stacks. She gains +.5 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste per, up to 60 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste. Once she reaches 60 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste, instead of gaming additional Accelerando, she reduces her Ultimate Ability’s current cooldown by 1.5s.

Q: Hymn Valor

  • Mana Cost: 75 - 95 >>> 50 - 70
  • Grants a stack of Accelerando for each bolt that hits an enemy champion
  • Mana: Removed

W: Aria of Perseverance

  • Mana Cost: 105 - 125 >>> 80 - 100 • Grants a stack of Accelerando each time you heal another injured ally or prevent at least 25 - 125 damage from another ally with shields while they are shielded by Aria
  • Mana: Removed

E: Song of Celerity

  • Mana Cost: 90 >>> 65
  • NEVER grants Accelerando
  • Mana Refund: Removed

R: Crescendo

  • Basic Ability Cooldown Reduction: Removed
  • Hits: Champions >>> Champions Minions and Monsters

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