Riot details upcoming changes to League of Legends client to improve performance

Upcoming client updates in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games
Upcoming client updates in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games
Abhishek Mallick

Riot Games will be making some significant changes to the League of Legends client in upcoming patches to help improve its performance significantly.

The League of Legends client has been one of the most unstable parts of the MOBA’s experience and has been so for quite some time now.

Hence, in their seventh blog post, the League of Legends devs opened up about the changes that their client will be receiving in one of their upcoming updates.

They highlighted the role of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) in the functioning of the client, writing:

“Our work this past quarter has been focused on upgrading our existing web components (think website tech for video embeds, popup notifications, and whatnot) to versions that are compatible with new CEF versions to ensure upgrading CEF itself won’t break anything. We want to upgrade these components to be a seamless experience, so hopefully, you haven’t noticed us rolling these upgrades out over the past few patches. These upgrades touch a vast amount of code, so we’re aware of the occasional minor issue that slipped past testing but are fixing these issues as we catch them.”

Upcoming client updates in League of Legends

The updated LoL client should function much more smoothly (Image via
The updated LoL client should function much more smoothly (Image via

By updating the CEF, the League of Legends client will be able to complete the tasks it was designed to do much more effectively.

With an improved CEF, the client will not be crashing as often as it used to. It will also enhance the FPS for players, thereby increasing the animation performance and helping users’ systems process it more effectively.

The devs also opened up about the social panel updates in the blog post and mentioned that:

“Another area of focus we mentioned last time was the Social Panel. Our long-term plan is to transition the social panel from ComponentsJS (old architecture) to Ember. This is currently on hold while we focus on getting the CEF update out the door, though we’ve completed some of the early steps required for the Ember transition and will come back to this once CEF has been updated.”

The League of Legends devs will be looking to make these upgrades in the following week and shall be making significant changes to the CEF itself. Hopefully, the new client updates will be going live by the end of July 2021.

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