Roblox Zombie Tag Codes (August 2021)

A promotional image for Zombie Tag (Image via Roblox Corporation)
A promotional image for Zombie Tag (Image via Roblox Corporation)

Roblox Zombie Tag pits the undead against humans, with the goal of either turning into a zombie or avoiding becoming one.

Tag is one of the oldest games on the planet. You just run around, trying to touch another to make it their turn to escape or chase. Well, Roblox Zombie Tag puts a spin on the classic playground game.


Roblox Zombie Tag selects a player to be the Zombie and tasks them with hunting down other players, and adding them to the monstrous horde. It is a fun game with a few codes to help players get started.

Codes for Roblox Zombie Tag (August 2021)

A thumbnail for Zombie Tag (Image via Roblox Corporation)
A thumbnail for Zombie Tag (Image via Roblox Corporation)

Active Codes

  • chapter2: Redeem this code for 150 Brains
  • birdcoins: Redeem this code for 50 Coins
  • birdbrains: Redeem this code for 50 Brains
  • oofbama: Redeem this code for 50 Brains

Expired Codes

  • None

Brains and Coins are the currency of Roblox Zombie Tag. Players can't really purchase any sort of advantage in Roblox Zombie Tag, but can get boosts and cosmetics.

Coins and Brains will help you make your character look awesome as a Zombie or a Human. They will also help you with experience to unlock a variety of other interesting cosmetic items.

To receive the above rewards, you will have to redeem the respective code. Roblox Zombie Tag has players redeem codes in a different way than the majority of Roblox games.

First, you will need to join a game of Roblox Zombie Tag. Once you are in, search around the main lobby for a billboard that says "Promo Codes" on it. Interact with the billboard to open a new window with a text box.

Copy and paste one of the codes you would like to redeem into the text box. Once the code has been placed, you can simply hit the Enter key on your keyboard. This will redeem the Roblox Zombie Tag code and you should receive your reward in-game.

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