Cognosphere replaces miHoYo as the publisher of Genshin Impact on Epic Games Store

Genshin Impact's publisher has changed to Cognosphere on Epic Games (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact's publisher has changed to Cognosphere on Epic Games (Image via miHoYo)

miHoYo released Genshin Impact on Epic Games in June this year, and due to recent developments, a change has appeared on the store page.

Genshin Impact's publishing company has now changed to Cognosphere on the Epic Games Store. The game is still very much a miHoYo product, but the Cognosphere transfer may hold some implications for Genshin Impact moving forward.

Genshin Impact publisher reassigned to Cognosphere on Epic Games Store

Genshin Impact on the Epic Games Store (Image via Epic Games)
Genshin Impact on the Epic Games Store (Image via Epic Games)

In a recent HoYoLAB article, Genshin Impact announced that their publishing company on the Epic Games store has changed to Cognosphere PTE. LTD. The transfer is already visible on Epic Games, as Cognosphere will be responsible for Genshin Impact's publishing duties for the foreseeable future.

Genshin Impact has now followed several other miHoYo games in the transition to Cognosphere. Just days ago, other miHoYo titles, including Tears of Themis, saw a publisher change as well.

The publisher change for Tears of Themis and other titles has drawn attention from much of miHoYo's playerbase. To clarify, miHoYo will still be the developer of these games. Cognosphere, a Singapore-based company, has simply taken over the publishing.

Genshin Impact has promised to maintain quality work in their publishing department, though they are yet to disclose the reason for the change. Naturally, fans are curious. For now, there seems to be just one popular rumor about the Cognosphere transition, and it concerns censorship.

Genshin Impact fans speculate about the publisher change

As the Reddit post above illustrates, Cognosphere is likely something of a subsidiary to miHoYo. Essentially, it seems that miHoYo has set up a new company for the sole purpose of publishing Genshin Impact. According to rumors, the reason for these developments is to escape government regulations on gaming.

China has implemented stricter video game policies as of late, restricting minors from online gaming on school days. Minors may only play an hour per day on weekends and holiday evenings.

Government regulations have also opposed same-s*x relationships and feminine-designed male characters like Xingqiu and Venti in video games. If rumors are true, the Cognosphere transition has arrived in response to this censorship.

With the recent change, Genshin Impact may be taking one step away from Chinese censorship. Other miHoYo games may be transferred to Cognosphere for the same reasons, but gamers will have to wait and see for those changes.

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