FIFA 23 Prime Gaming Pack (April 2023) - Expected released dates, rumored rewards, and more

The upcoming FIFA 23 Prime Gaming pack is rumored to contain a Cristiano Ronaldo item (Image via Amazon)
The upcoming FIFA 23 Prime Gaming pack is rumored to contain a Cristiano Ronaldo item (Image via Amazon)

A brand new Prime Gaming pack will soon be made available to FIFA 23 players if the latest rumors are to be believed. With reliable insider FUT Scoreboard revealing this information on their Twitter account, the news will likely delight every community member that's eligible for these rewards. As such, a monthly pack is handed out to FIFA 23 players who are members of Amazon Prime's gaming service.

This is a token of appreciation that typically includes consumables and footballer cards. While the direct value might not be very high, they occasionally provide players with useful cards. The valuation increases when popular promos are active, and the best part – it's completely free (as long as someone has an Amazon Prime subscription).

This article will take a closer look at what the rumor mill has revealed about the upcoming Prime Gaming pack. Furthermore, some predictions can also be made about when it will be made available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The upcoming FIFA 23 Prime Gaming pack is rumored to contain a Cristiano Ronaldo item

Prime Gaming packs are typically released when the previous month's offering expires. If EA Sports and Amazon follow the same trend, the brand new set of rewards will be available on April 17, 2023. Subscribers who haven't redeemed their pack in March should do so immediately before the date mentioned here.

It should be noted that EA Sports hasn't officially mentioned the release date yet. Furthermore, FUT Scoreboard didn't reveal a potential date as part of the recent leak either. Interested readers are advised to follow Sportskeeda and all official sources for the latest information.

While the release date may remain unknown, there has been some clarity about the upcoming content. If FUT Scoreboard's claims turn out to be true, the brand new Prime Gaming pack will contain the following rewards:

  • 7 Gold Rare Players
  • 2 Player Pick with an 82+ overall
  • 12 Rare Consumables
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Loan Item (20 games)

The upcoming Prime Gaming pack could provide some valuable rewards for players. Moreover, the Cristiano Ronaldo item will be perfect for those who play friendlies in FIFA 23. This is because contract lengths don't count in friendly matches, so players can use a loan item in an unlimited number of matches.


Claiming these rewards is a fairly simple process, as they only require an ongoing Prime Gaming subscription to qualify for the rewards. They must then connect their Amazon Prime account with EA to redeem the pack. Once redeemed, all of the content will be available in the in-game store. Players can then proceed to open these packs to obtain cards and consumables.

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