FIFA 23 rumors hint at TOTS Awards Winners replacing Ultimate TOTS promo in Ultimate Team

A new promo is going to appear this Friday (Image via Twitter/FUT Sheriff)
A new promo is going to appear this Friday (Image via Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

If the latest FIFA 23 rumors are to be believed, TOTS Awards Winners will arrive in the upcoming weekend, and Ultimate TOTS might stand canceled. The latest rumors come from reliable leaker FUT Sheriff, who posted the information on their Twitter account. This could be a massive shift from the way the TOTS promo has worked in the past. The TOTS promo is all about the best footballers from the ongoing season, and EA Sports has already released plenty of unique cards in Ultimate Team.

While the releases have been league specific, the upcoming Ultimate TOTS promo will include the best. However, things might take place differently in FIFA 23 if the TOTS Awards Winners are released.

Are TOTS Awards Winners going to replace the FIFA 23 Ultimate TOTS promo?

At the time of writing, it's hard to confirm or deny any speculation due to the lack of official information from EA Sports. The consolidated schedule has the mention of the Ultimate TOTS promo, but the contents of it are a placeholder at best.

In simpler terms, the information is based on how things have worked with the TOTS promo in previous games.

The rumors surrounding the TOTS Awards Winners have existed for quite some time. When someone analyzes the promo's possible nature, it is very similar to how UTOTS operates.

The new promo is rumored to feature the best footballers from the world's most significant football leagues. They've already been present in their respective league TOTS squads, but the upcoming promo cards will have bigger boosts in their stats and overalls.

While things may not change much for FIFA 23, it will be a change of tradition. The Ultimate TOTS has been part of the celebrations over the last few years, but EA Sports might be about to change the old with the franchise going on a different path.

Readers are advised to wait for the official information, and they can follow the game's official Twitter account and Sportskeeda to stay updated. Confirmed news about the upcoming promo is expected to arrive within a day or two, and it remains to be seen which one will take place - the older UTOTS or, the newer TOTS Awards Winners.

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