FIFA 23 leak suggests that Cristiano Ronaldo will be part of Ultimate TOTS

Ronaldo has been leaked as an Ultimate TOTS player (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FIFA23Leaked_)
Ronaldo has been leaked as an Ultimate TOTS player (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FIFA23Leaked_)

With Ultimate TOTS being right around the corner in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, a leak on social media has hinted at Cristiano Ronaldo being part of the roster. The Portuguese superstar was part of the Saudi League Team of the Season lineup, and if rumors are to be believed, he will be added to packs again during the upcoming week.

This will be the first instance of a minor-league TOTS player being included in Ultimate TOTS. After weeks of introducing separate Team of the Season squads, the Ultimate roster usually consists of the best and most overpowered players from the top five leagues in European club football. However, the rumored inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo has caused quite a stir amongst the community.

Note: This article is speculative and is based entirely on leaks from Twitter/FIFA23Leaked_

Cristiano Ronaldo is rumored to be the first ever minor-league player to be part of Ultimate TOTS in FIFA 23

The Saudi League TOTS was revealed earlier in the game cycle, with Cristiano Ronaldo spearheading the roster with an incredible 96-rated Team of the Season Moments card. The Portuguese marksman is among the most expensive and coveted attackers in FIFA 23, and gamers will be excited to learn about rumors that suggest he will be added back into packs during Ultimate TOTS.

This is big news for FUT enthusiasts who actively participate in various competitive FIFA 23 Ultimate Team game modes, as the talismanic striker will be up for grabs once again. Not only will gamers be able to obtain him from packs, but his inclusion in the main roster will also mean that they can unlock him through their FUT Champions red player picks.

Despite playing in a relatively obscure league and being hard to accommodate into a FUT squad in the new chemistry system of FIFA 23, Cristiano Ronaldo still fetches a hefty price in the transfer market. He is currently worth over six million coins, making him inaccessible to most gamers. However, if the leak proves true, fans will be eager to test their luck to try and obtain this special version.

When will Ultimate TOTS begin in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?


With Serie A TOTS approaching its conclusive stages, one can only assume that Ultimate TOTS will be next in line as the final event of the Team of the Season promo. Based on these assumptions, the much-anticipated event will begin on June 9.

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