Final Fantasy IX remake is the latest name from the Nvidia GeForce Now leak to be hinted at

The acclaimed PS1 JRPG might be getting a modern overhaul (Images via Square Enix/Nvidia)
The acclaimed PS1 JRPG might be getting a modern overhaul (Images via Square Enix/Nvidia)
Siddharth Patil

Final Fantasy is by far Square Enix's most popular series on the market. The fantasy RPG series boasts a legacy spanning a period of over 30 years. So far, this has resulted in 15 mainline entries throughout the years, with a 16th one on the way. So it's no surprise that nearly every entry has hardcore fans that swear upon one Final Fantasy game being better than the other.

So.... Final Fantasy IX Remake is very real and you need to prepare yourself for it now.

Now it looks like it's time for Final Fantasy IX (or FF9) fans to shine. According to a recent tweet by content creator @NightSkyPrince_, the acclaimed PS1 JRPG will be getting a remake in the future.

The Final Fantasy IX remake just might be legit

While not as popular as some of the previous games in the series, the game was critically and commercially acclaimed.

What's interesting is that this remake is one of many secret projects uncovered via last year's GeForce Now leak. The extensive list hosted many unannounced and seemingly upcoming projects and prototypes from many publishers and teams across the globe. Many of these seemed fairly obvious, while others were shocking.

The biggest gaming leak ever happened last night courtesy of the NVIDIA servers. Games revealed include:• Bioshock 2022• Resident Evil 4 Remake • CoD Codenamed “Cortez” • GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas Remasters• Half Life 2 Remastered…

The FF9 remake was on there and now seems to be legit, if the Twitter user is to be believed. Other Square Enix games that made an appearance include Final Fantasy VII Remake, the recent Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition remaster. Many multi-platform games also came to be eventually confirmed, including Sniper Elite 5, Street Fight 6, and God of War PC.

What is Final Fantasy IX about?


Released in the year 2000, FF9 is about the war between nations in one of the series' many unique fantasy worlds. The setting here is called Gaia, home to different continents and tribes of many magical creatures and beings. Players follow a thief named Zidane, who kidnaps princess Garnet as part of a ploy by the neighboring nation of Lindblum. The gameplay follows the tradition of the series with ATB (Active Time Battle) combat, unique characters, and a job system.

The game has already been remastered for modern platforms. First released in 2016 for Android and iOS smartphones, the FF9 remaster was eventually ported to PC, PS4, XB1, and Nintendo Switch. It features new additions like auto-saves, achievements, HD assets, and higher resolutions. But a remake can be expected to be in line with the recent FF7 Remake for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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