Honkai Star Rail leak showcases brand-new relic sets and Planar Ornaments

Exploring Honkai Star Rail leaks on new relic sets and planner ornaments
Exploring Honkai Star Rail leak on new relic sets and Planar Ornaments (Image via HoYoverse)

The Honkai Star Rail community constantly seeks information regarding upcoming content via leak sources online. Luckily for them, Twitter user HSR_stuff shared images showcasing two new relic sets and planar ornaments to be added in the title’s future update. It also contains tentative details about their passives, which are subject to change unless HoYoverse makes them official.

Disclaimer: This article is based on leaks that are subject to change. Readers should take any speculation with a grain of salt.

Everything about the new relic sets and Planar Ornaments leak from Honkai Star Rail

For starters, the two-piece set bonus on Longevous Disciple will increase the wearer’s max HP, and the four-piece effect will provide them with a certain critical rate upon losing health points, converting the relic into an offensive option. Since the game does not have a dedicated HP piece, players can use the first bonus for many different characters in the future. Moreover, speculations suggest it will be the best-in-slot option for Blade, the upcoming wind unit in Honkai Star Rail.

On the other hand, the two-piece bonus of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace will provide SPD to the wearer, whereas the four-piece effect will transfer SPD to every ally on casting their Ultimate. The bonuses are designed to benefit support units such as Bronya, Asta, and Tingyun, whose ultimate ability provides a buff to their teammates.

Next up are the two new planar ornaments that will be added to the Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail. The bonus from the Broken Keel will increase the wearer’s Effect Res and boost all allies' ATK percentage when the former effect reaches a certain threshold.

The passive on the second ornament, Rutilant Arena, will provide a CRIT rate to the equipping character. It will additionally increase their Basic ATK and Skill DMG after they hit a certain critical value.

Like the relic sets, players can use the first ornament on various support characters. In comparison, the next set will be reserved for DPS units that typically require better critical chances to deal consistent damage.

Considering how the details are extracted from a leak source, the exact values on the passives are currently unknown. That said, some of these sets will be worth investing in if the specified effects remain the same after their release in Honkai Star Rail.

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