The rumored Splinter Cell project might be an open world inspired by Halo Infinite

An open world Splinter Cell might not be the right move for Ubisoft (Image via Splinter Cell)
An open world Splinter Cell might not be the right move for Ubisoft (Image via Splinter Cell)

Splinter Cell is one of the most popular games of all time and thus rumors regarding a new game have been in the market for a long time now.

It seems, though, that industry rumors are suggesting an open world Splinter Cell game might be in development. The open world nature of the game, however, will be very similar to Halo Infinite.

While the open world Splinter Cell game sounds exciting, the chances of it becoming successful are looking a bit slim. This is because the response of fans regarding the news is quite poor.

Fan response regarding an open world Splinter Cell game inspired by Halo Infinite is not very positive

Open World games are extremely popular among developers in the current market. This is because open world games allow for a lot of replayability with players.

Apart from that, it helps to keep the game alive for longer, as players are offered a sense of freedom and exploration. However, not every game works well when it comes to the open world idea.

This is because a game like Halo Infinite is a space based shooter. Therefore, the scope of exploration is expanded quite a lot. Splinter Cell, on the other hand, is a stealth-based game where open world nature can be a bit problematic.

This is because the idea of stealth is what made Splinter Cell famous. However, as soon as an open world aspect is introduced, that idea will be gone completely. In short, the open world will feel very empty for a game that is designed to revolve around stealth-based combat.

Apart from that, fans feel that introducing an open world game might mean that Ubisoft will start pushing in lots of microtransactions. Thus overall, players have complained about this idea quite a lot and claimed that Splinter Cell does not need to be an open world by any means.

However, it will be a bit harsh to judge the game even before it has begun development. This is because no one expected an open world Halo to succeed, but it did. Currently, there are very few companies who are daring to experiment with their games.

Therefore, Ubisoft should probably be given a chance to prove themselves with this newfound idea.

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