Will Nintendo Switch 2 have VR? New rumor suggests collaboration with Google

Official promotional art for Nintendo Labo VR kit for Nintendo Switch
Here's what could lie in store for new bizzareness from Nintendo for their next-gen console. (Image via Nintendo)

While many past rumors centered around the next-gen Nintendo Switch have revolved around elements like the hardware itself, we have not heard much about peripherals, perhaps, until now. Leaker Nash Weedle suggests that the Japanese console maker is dabbling with Virtual Reality (VR) tech for their next system, which is yet to be announced.

Given Nintendo's past track records, this may not be too surprising. Here are the complete details we know from the leaks.

Next-gen Nintendo Switch 2 rumored to have VR compatibility

According to the leaker, Nintendo has been working on a prototype for a discreet VR headset. Pointing out the acquisition of MicroLED display manufacturer Raxium by tech giant Google, it seems like Nintendo is collaborating with them to use this display for their VR hardware. This was elaborated on in a previous post by the user.

It seems like the tech will be standalone and not necessarily related to the Nintendo Switch 2. Interestingly, it is suggested to be catering to the Mixed Reality format rather than pure Virtual Reality. For those unaware, this is a hybrid of VR and traditional gaming, where digital and physical components come together to constitute an experience.

In a nutshell, it uses real-world space and populates it with virtual components to be interacted with, like a portal in the corner of your room. The rumored VR headset is also supposedly intended for player use and not for theme parks. This is not particularly surprising as Nintendo has some experience with VR before as well.


While their LABO cardboard DIY Kits have been forgotten at this point, one of them included a VR headset. Coupled with past patents, it is clear the publisher is interested in this technology. However, thus far, they have not implemented it successfully. With that said, this rumor is one of the more plausible ones compared to some bizarre ones about the Nintendo Switch 2.

Since the next-gen system is suggested to be a big jump in specs over the current Nintendo Switch, it could even feature VR titles. However, we won't know until release. As for this rumor, it is in the player's best interests to take it with a grain of salt. Nintendo is known to be quite experimental and just because they are testing something does not mean it will result in a commercial product.

Furthermore, the elusive next-gen hardware is still nowhere to be seen. Rumors suggest we should be getting an announcement soon. In other words, by the end of the year.

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