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Rumour: Retail PC copies of Grand Theft Auto V may not support integration with Steam

Rumour: Retail PC copies of Grand Theft Auto V may not support integration with Steam

News 11 Jan 2015, 18:23 IST
Grand Theft Auto V

A few users on gaming forum NeoGAF have been discussing Rockstars failure to allow Steam integration with retail copies of their game. User fantomena even referred to a post by a GamesPlanet team member and a listing on GreenManGaming which has the ‘other DRM’ logo on the Grand Theft Auto V page. Members on the forum stated that this is the standard for Rockstar titles since the launch of the PS2 console.

So while a copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC purchased from online retail sites like Amazon will come with its own steam code, this may not be the case with copies purchased from regular retailers. Instead, retail copies will not come with a Steam code, nor will it support integration with Steam. Players will instead get the option to login to their Rockstar Social Club account.

Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed anything so far but it is very likely that the retail version of game will not be able to integrate with Steam, since Rockstars previous titles have been the same.

But it is best not to take this rumour too seriously yet, as the PC version of the game is still not out and this will probably be confirmed once that happens. However, it is probably best to buy the game from the Steam client if you want to have all your games in one place. If the rumours do turn out to be true, then players will have to launch the game from the Rockstar Social Club client instead.

The remastered version of Rockstar’s hit game series, Grand Theft Auto V, released for the PS4 and Xbox One in November last the year. The enhanced version of the game features updated visuals and a first-person view option.

The game will also be getting a free Heist update sometime soon. The PC version of GTA V will be releasing on the 27th of January, 2015.

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