Rust developers step in to contest WillNeff's Twitch ban, end up unbanning Mr. Wobbles instead

Mr. Wobbles unbanned on Twitch after 3 years (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mr. Wobbles unbanned on Twitch after 3 years (Image via Sportskeeda)

What began as a three-day Twitch ban for William Neff, better known as WillNeff, for showcasing banned Twitch streamer Austin O'Brien on the livestream, ended in absolute disbelief following the series of events which unfolded.

WillNeff was banned from Twitch after featuring Mr. Wobbles, who has been banned from Twitch three years ago. According to the platform, WillNeff was unwittingly "aiding account suspension evasion," by allowing a banned streamer to appear on the platform.

While some fans felt it was unjust, WillNeff urged them not to attack Twitch's support or blame Mr. Wobbles for the fiasco. Despite his statement, Wobbles blamed himself and broke down in a video, while apologizing for the trouble he had unintentionally caused. He stated:

"I don't want to get anybody into trouble. I've been in events before and I've been allowed to stream with other people and it's been fine, and I guess this time it's not."

While the issue was still brewing, and fans were left disappointed, not much could be done as based on Twitch's guidelines, rules were violated. However, things were about to take a U-turn, and the internet was about to have a major win.

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Rust developers to the rescue: Mr. Wobbles and WillNeff unbanned

The entire fiasco took a wild turn when Rust developers stepped up to defend Twitch streamer WillNeff and pushed Twitch to unban him immediately.

Alistair McFarlane, a developer working on Rust, stated that the "whole situation appeared ridiculous and that the action taken was extremely inconsistent and targeted."

Although no one expected much to happen, it seems that Twitch took notice of the uproar on social media, and rather than unban WillNeff, the platform shocked everyone by deciding to give Mr. Wobbles a second chance on the platform by unbanning him.

It goes without saying that a streamer being unbanned after a permanent ban is nothing short of extraordinary. Although the ban on WillNeff hasn't been removed as of yet, Mr. Wobbles being unbanned was a major win not just for him, but for other content creators such as Dr. Disrespect, who may also be pardoned.

Irrespective of everything, the #freewilly dream has finally come true for fans, and Mr. Wobbles can once more stream on the platform. Suffice to say though, it wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of Rust developers who intervened and stepped up to Twitch.

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