Sara vs Andy: Who is a better PUBG Mobile character

PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy
PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy

PUBG Mobile is one of the most downloaded games across the battle royale genre. The game offers its users high-end graphics and realistic weapons. Players have a lot of modes and maps to test their survival skills.

The game has four special characters available for players to equip and play with. Some of these characters are free, while others require the use of in-game currency.

PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy


PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy
PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy

Sara's character comes with an ability to boost the vehicle's durability. She can increase a vehicle's durability to bullets by up to 10% after a full upgrade.

Andy's ability helps players increase the gun draw and put away speed to a maximum of 16%. Players will need to fully upgrade their character to level 10 to unlock these abilities.


PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy
PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy

Players can unlock these special characters with the help of character vouchers in the PUBG Mobile game.

The cost of purchasing Sara's character in the game is 600UC or 600 character vouchers.

Andy's character costs 1200UC or character vouchers.

Emotes and Outfits

PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy
PUBG Mobile: Sara vs Andy

Andy has one mythic outfit and two legendary outfits.

Sara doesn't have any mythic outfits, but she does offer a lot of rare and legendary outfits to choose from.

Both characters have awesome emotes and are fun to use. Sara's character has a total of seven emotes, and Andy's character comes with five emotes.

Final Verdict

Both characters come with awesome abilities. Sara's character will help players improve their vehicle's durability when being fired upon by enemy players. Andy's character will help players in close-range battles with a better gun draw and put away speed.

The final verdict is mostly dependent on the player.

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