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ScoutOP : The Quintessential PUBGM Player

Modified 15 Jan 2020, 02:54 IST

ScoutOP pictured during PMSC 2019
ScoutOP pictured during PMSC 2019

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Tanmay Singh known as ScoutOP comfortably sits as one of the Pinnacle of Esports athletes in India right now. He stands for dedication, persistence, and most importantly - passion. His influence over PUBG Mobile esports industry has been huge. Today the game is one such with a legion of impassioned followers where ScoutOP has stamped his mark. 

From Football to PUBG Mobile : The Transition

A passionate young man who dreamt of playing football for his country is today one of the top PUBGM players across the world. He started his journey with Evos Esports based in Indonesia and rose through the ranks because of his zeal and unique style of playing the game. He was part of India's top clans like GodLike, Team IND, Soul before becoming PUBGM athlete for Fnatic. His style, whether it pertains to his game play or his personality, is much talked about. At the age of twenty-one, he has already made a mark and carved his name upon the minds of many PUBGM fans. His name is ubiquitous today, and is synonymous to the game itself. 

Controversies and Self Doubt:

However his journey to the top hasn't been easy, marked with controversies and self doubt, ScoutOP has had a difficult relationship with the community. His comments on Mortal didn't go well with Soul fans, and he faced the brunt of it. His performance too didn't justify his talent, and people were quick to jump the gun on him for his inability to play as a team man. But winners are who manage unbelievable turnarounds, who claw their way out of difficult situations. Adversity toughens up people, makes them dig deep into their resources and helps them understand their strengths and their limits. So mistakes are invaluable because they teach us lessons. They are like potholes on the road that people learn to avoid. Mistakes warn us about where we shouldn't be going and what not to do the next time round.

The Turnaround:

Fortunately, ScoutOP was a quick learner. He matured as a player since then. He is now more patient, respectful of the opposition, and learnt to ignore the hate comments. Subjected to constant taunts from the critics, Scout decided not to allow them get his way. 'To deliver results is better than giving them back verbally,' he said. ScoutOP was the lone Indian in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship who created an impactful performance registering himself in the top 10 fraggers of the tournament. He was an exception and this was a compelling statement of his potential and a confirmation of the fact why he is regarded as one of the best. 

The Final Sieve:


Having established his authority in Indian domestic esports scene, ScoutOP aspires to bring an international trophy home. He stated that it remains the final barrier for him, and winning a global championship for his country will be his top priority, after which he can happily retire from the sport. This passion and perseverance separates him from other counterparts. Once he does this, their will be no fire left in Scout and then viewers will be able to see who Tanmay Singh is - a humble, hardworking guy and so down to earth. Having contributed so much to PUBG Mobile, people like Scout will hopefully go on to become coaches to guide the younger generation to do well in Esports and channel their energy in the right direction. He will work best with confident, committed players and youngsters not quite set in their ways and ensure that the players do not have to go through, what he has experienced. He will be able to equip them to handle situations maturely, having ran into similar setbacks early in his life.

Fnatic PUBGM Roster:

Ash (Support)

Owais (IGL)

Ronak (Sniper)

Paritosh (Assaulter)

ScoutOP (Flanker and Assaulter)


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Published 15 Jan 2020, 02:54 IST
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