'She is not being a lady': Twitch streamer QTCinderella lashes out at the online chess community, calls it 'sexist'

Image Credits: Twitch.tv
Image Credits: Twitch.tv

QTCinderella is a popular streamer on Twitch, where she has around 173K followers.

Apart from chatting with her fans, she can also be spotted playing games such as chess and Fall Guys. She is one of the few Twitch streamers who stream chess regularly, considering the fact that these days, most would opt for a Fortnite or Valorant stream.

However, chess has been trending online recently and during one of her latest streams, QTCinderella lashed out at the online chess community for its toxicity and sexism:

During her Twitch stream, she mentioned how the chess community can get toxic, with its recent sexist comments directed towards her.

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Sexism in the online chess community on Twitch

QTCinderella's recent allegations levelled at the online chess community stem from her recent tweet, where she trash-talked one of her fellow streamers, Connor:

Over the course of her Twitch stream, we can hear QTCinderella addressing this, as she exclaims:

"If the chess community is not sexist, then why whenever I , though it's gotten better ever since I tweeted, why whenever I stream, my looks are part of the conversation, but nobody talks about the guys looks."

She then goes on to reveal how people criticised her for using inappropriate language while her male counterparts like moistcr1tikal, Ludwig and Slicker get away with saying much worse. She explains:

"People filed complaints on me, saying that I was being crude... Oh women can't talk about d***s. 'She's not being a lady, what am I to do! I'm questioning my own masculinity, Oh! Oh no, a woman told Connor he eats trash, how dare she, she shouldn't talk like that'. Go f*** yourselves."

QTCinderella's recent rant is yet another instance of the toxic environment that often pervades online chat rooms, replete with a sexist undertone.

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This is just one of many such instances of toxicity, which constitute one of the major issues prevalent on online streaming platforms such as Twitch.

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