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Should you run the Flash or Stun Grenade in Black Ops Cold War?

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)
Modified 22 Nov 2020, 03:10 IST

Black Ops Cold War contains both Flashbangs and Stun Grenades, like almost every Call of Duty game before it. Depending on the year though, one is generally stronger than the other.

Flashbangs and Stun grenades are part of the equipment category and fill the tactical slot of a player's loadout. They are a free part of any loadout, and they generally carry some fairly powerful advantages, so picking the right equipment is a big step.

There are a few other options to pick from for tacticals, but anyone looking to impair their enemy is going to want either the Flashbang or the Stun Grenade.

Flashbang versus Stun Grenade in Black Ops Cold War

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

The first tactical players have access to in Black Ops Cold War is the Stun Grenade. Players can usually expect that Stun Grenades will impair vision and slow a player down. That's still the case in Black Ops Cold War, but to a much larger extent.

Rather than simply slowing the player down, a Stun Grenade will essentially stop a player in their tracks and force one of their arms off their gun. They are forced to stay in place and hip fire while being half blind and disoriented.

The effects go a step above what stun grenades used to do, where at least some movement was still permitted.

Flashbangs in Black Ops Cold War aren't changed too much on the other hand. Instead of stopping a player in their tracks, it's entirely based on disorienting the player.


When hit with a Flashbang, the screen will go entirely white and sound will be deafened. All senses are taken away with a Flashbang.

Which one is more useful though?

Stun Grenade is the answer in most cases, and the reason is based on mobility granted. When hit with a Flashbang, the screen may go white and sound may go away, but players are free to move and shoot where they would like. That's not the case with a Stun Grenade in Black Ops Cold War.

Sure, players still retain their vision when hit with a stun, but it's impaired, and so is hearing. On top of that, there is no moving or aiming. That means a player is stuck watching the enemy easily walk around to shoot them. It's a death sentence if the enemy player is using their Stun Grenades right. Luck can still be a factor with a Flashbang.

Published 22 Nov 2020, 03:10 IST
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