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Should Valorant’s lower ranks strengthen focus further on individual performance?

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 12:34 IST

Valorant is a shooter that focuses heavily on team play and coordination over individual performance. 

So no matter how well a player plays or how many frags he/she gets, winning a Competitive game is not guaranteed if the rest of the squad members are not playing well.

Players face this conundrum in Valorant more often than not, and even if they get the “Match MVP,” they at times lose the game along with a good chunk of their Ranked LP.

And sure! There is some amount of consideration given to individual performances when it comes to the Competitive matches. However, Valorant fans are now feeling that it’s not nearly as enough in the lower ranks.

In a recent Reddit post, a player who goes by the handle of snippsville focuses on how big of a problem climbing the ranked ladder is in lower elos. 

The Redditor says, 

“Considering in lower ranks, the skill disparity is still pretty high (I have seen plats who play like silvers, silvers who play like irons, and irons who play like golds, although the latter is fairly rare), individual performance should be weighted more, rather than hoping luck is on your side and you get good teammates for once. I know that this is already sort of in place, but I definitely think it should be strengthened in lower ranks.”

Should there be more focus on individual performance in Valorant’s lower ranks?

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

The major difference between League of Legends and Valorant is that in the MOBA, a player can gain early advantages and literally snowball in the game.


There are champions in League of Legends, who when ahead, can solo carry the team in 1v5 situations. However, the concept of the “solo carry” does not exist in Valorant, as team coordination is crucial in winning matches.

So when a player in the lower rank out frags every other player on the server and still loses the game, then that is something which can tilt even the most stoic of mindsets.

snippsville provides a good solution that Riot can employ to start strengthening the focus on individual performance in the lower ranks of Competitive matchmaking and suggests the following points: 

  • Iron: 65% individual performance, 25% win/loss difference, 10% other factors
  • Bronze: 60% individual performance, 30% win/loss difference, 10% other factors
  • Silver: 55% individual performance, 35% win/loss difference, 10% other factors
  • Gold: 50% individual performance, 37.5% win/loss difference, 12.5% other factors
  • Plat: 40% individual performance, 45% win/loss difference, 15% other factors

snippsville feels that this is a good starting point that the Valorant devs can look into, even though they might not employ the same percentile for LP loss and gain.

“I believe this would be a good starting point. The numbers can change because I am certain that the Valorant Devs are far more knowledgeable in this than I am, but I just wanted to get the point across. I know a system similar to this may already be in place, and in this case, it does need some tweaking to help out the lower ranks (as I do feel like the competitive changes have been more high/pro-level focused).”
Published 15 Nov 2020, 12:34 IST
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